St Kilda UNESCO World Heritage Site

St Kilda is one of the most remote archipelago of islands located on the north west coast of Scotland. This year the National Trust for Scotland prepares to celebrate 60 years of caring for the dual World Heritage Site. The St Kilda UNESCO World Heritage site islands are known around the world for their dramatic cliffs and large seabird population, as well as capturing the interest of people across the globe.

St Kilda. Flickr: Donna C Green / CC BY 2.0

Visiting St Kilda UNESCO World Heritage Site

St Kilda History

In 1930, the last St Kildans left the island of Hirta.

Old Photograph St Kilda Parliament Scotland. St Kilda UNESCO
Old Photograph St Kilda Parliament Scotland. Flickr: Sandy Stevenson / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


The islands are a twitcher’s paradise with a seabird population of over half a million birds, together with its own sub-species of wren. The islands are also home to the mouse.

Gannets in flight. St Kilda UNESCO
Gannets in flight. Flickr: CaptainOates / CC BY 2.0

Celebrating 60 years with The National Trust for Scotland

Singer-songwriter, Jenny Sturgeon, was commissioned to write a series of pieces of music inspired by the archipelagos wildlife and history; specifically with the celebrations for this anniversary in mind.

The Wren and the Salt Air is the culmination of a project between the National Trust for Scotland, the charity that conserves and promotes Scotland’s heritage, and Scottish singer-songwriter, Jenny Sturgeon.

In writing and recording all four tracks Jenny was keen to combine traditional Scottish folk styles with field recordings taken on St Kilda, including recordings of waves, weather and most importantly, bird calls.

The Wren and the Salt Air is available to buy now at Jenny Sturgeon’s website on download and limited edition CD. Ten percent of profits from the CD goes to support conservation work on St Kilda.

The wren and the salt air. St Kilda UNESCO
wren cover ©Jenny Sturgeon

Getting To St Kilda

Explore St Kilda UNESCO World Heritage site with either a day trip or overnight camping trip which depart from the Isle of Skye or the Isle of Harris. These rough and rugged islands are stepped in history, heritage and archaeology. Discover an insight of how the population lived and the beauty of today, however don’t forget your camera to capture this unique trip!

With the trips departing early and returning late from remote locations, I recommend booking accommodation in advance. If departing from the Isle of Skye and the port of Uig, The Uig Hotel is an ideal location to stay and experience the delicious local, fresh Scottish cuisine.

Scallops, Black Pudding and Chorizo at the Uig Hotel. St Kilda UNESCO
Scallops, Black Pudding and Chorizo at the Uig Hotel ©MDHarding

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