Spring in Adelaide: What to Do and See

When you hear the word spring, what do you think of? Which holiday destination grabs your attention for spring-time fun? If you have yet to decide on a destination for a springtime road trip in a camper van hire; you may want to consider spring in Adelaide for endless fun.

Spring in Adelaide
Adelaide Waterfront rework. Flickr: Marek / CC BY-ND 2.0

What to See in spring in Adelaide

What is there not to see in Adelaide during the spring? It’s a gorgeous location, no matter the season and springtime means that the city comes alive more than ever. There is a plethora of beauty just waiting to be found in this area of South Australia. To give you some ideas of places to visit that will be a feast for your eyes, we have compiled the following:

Visit Cleland Conservation park

A beautiful area where you can take in the fullness of Australian nature during the spring; the Cleland Conservation Park is a great place to go. Whether you go biking through the park or decide to go walking instead, you will be sure to be rewarded with gorgeous views of the area. From waterfalls to Mount Lofty Summit and a thick forest, the Cleland Conservation park is worth your time.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden. spring in Adelaide
Adelaide Botanic Garden. Flickr: Manon D / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you enjoy visiting gardens? If so, the Adelaide Botanic Garden is an excellent option for you to be able to enjoy spring in Adelaide. With the flowers in full-bloom and the landscapes greener and richer than ever, be sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty of this destination. You will undoubtedly be impressed with all the nature and architecture to be found in this iconic Adelaide location.

Goolwa Nature Playground

If you’re visiting Adelaide in spring with your kids, there is a great spot that is both fun and gorgeous. The Goolwa nature playground is a great way to enjoy time spent outdoors while on your road trip in a camper van hire. Here, you will find a river to splash and play around in, but more importantly for your tykes, a fantastic playground full of fun things to do. From drums to swings, sculptures, and hills, the Goolwa Nature Playground is a great place to see and enjoy with your family.

What to Do in Spring in Adelaide

What are some of the best things to do when the weather is perfect? Ideally, you want to spend some time in the outdoors. Following are some of the best outdoor activities in spring in Adelaide, as well as some indoor places that you don’t want to miss out on. Keep in mind that the Australian spring is in October. Take a look:

Spring festivals

If you are planning on being in Adelaide in spring, you may want to enjoy a spring festival while you’re in town. For example, if you’re a foodie who loves cheese, you may want to enjoy the CheeseFest in October. Another fun festival for the fashionistas is the Adelaide Fashion Festival where you will be able to enjoy observing fabulous runway looks.

Family-friendly activities

If you’re traveling with your family in spring in Adelaide, you undoubtedly want to plan some family-friendly activities. You are going to want to make sure to visit the South Australian Museum in Adelaide. While as a parent, you may be excited for the educational side of the experience, your kids are probably going to enjoy the fact that its full of super exciting things to see. From fossils to a giant squid, this will be one of the most attention-grabbing experiences for your children.

Maslins Beach

Maslins Beach.
Maslins Beach. Flickr: Michael Coghlan / CC BY-SA 2.0

If you’re young, wild, and free and want to get that perfect tan, Maslins Beach is where you won’t have any qualms about getting that full-body tan. Just be fore-warned that there will be like-minded people there doing the exact same thing.

Carrick Hill

For those who want to go “back-in-time,” Carrick Hill is a great location to explore. You may be reminded of one of your favorite period dramas or British TV series. Either way, it will be a fun experience. From the gardens to the views and the historical experience, it’s a great idea for the cultural buff who wants to learn a bit about local history.

Barossa wine valley

Barossa Valley
Barossa Valley. Flickr: Kyle Taylor / CC BY 2.0

For wine-lovers, Barossa is a fabulous idea. There you can enjoy tasting some of the best wines in the region; while also being able to observe some of Adelaide’s surrounding scenery. It’s a great way to get to know Australian wines and enjoy Australian views.

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market
Adelaide Central Market. Flickr: Michelle Robinson / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Whether alone, with friends, or with your kids, you will want to take some time to check out Adelaide Central Market. There, you will get to try a myriad of mouthwatering delicacies and enjoy the sights and sounds of this popular hub in South Australia.

As you set out to explore Australia in a camper van hire, know that south Australia promises much in the way of beauty and fun. From hikes to historical sites, Adelaide is a destination that you will not want to miss during your visit to Australia.

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