The Essential Actions for a Spotless Vacation Rental

Owning a vacation rental can make for an excellent seasonal income. Depending on your property’s location, its popularity will vary, but what is certain is that no matter how good your rental’s place under the sun is, it’s going to pale in significance if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained. Here are some tips on how to keep a spotless vacation rental. 

Why Keeping Things Clean is that Important

Well, to put it quite simply – your guests tend to remember everything – the good things and the bad (the bad in particular, for some reason), but this isn’t the only potential issue that you might encounter. Yes, those people might not come to your vacation rental ever again, but who cares, you don’t even need them to, right? While this might be true, the word unclean vacation rental will travel more quickly than you might think. Add all the downsides of improper hygiene to the equation and you’ll quickly realize that you’re better off having things cleaned spotless.

Spotless Vacation Rental

Clean Off-Season and During Guest Changeovers

Vacation rentals are usually season-specific, so you won’t really be expecting people off-season. Well, cleaning isn’t only done with guests in mind. Yes, making sure that your rental isn’t vibrant with mold communities and dangerous chemicals such asbestos, goes without saying, but the lack of off-seasonal maintenance can leave your property crippled for good. Take summer resorts for example – if your climate is especially prone to humid winters, this might cause your rental’s floors to rot, and you can rest assured that even the most inexperienced of guests will notice this instantly.

Preforming proper cleaning and maintenance when the vacation season is off (at least semi-annually) in your rental’s location is just as important as doing so when your property is at its most popular! Cleaning during guest changeovers is as important as off-seasonal cleaning, since you need to prepare for a spotless vacation rental accommodation for the next round of guests. This means clean towels, clean sheets, clean bathroom, clean everything.

Spotless Vacation Rental

Don’t Clean Superficially

This is a huge mistake that a lot of rental owners tend to make – they think that as long as the place appears clean, the guests will think so too. Well, when it comes to vacation rentals, people tend to stay more than a day or two and you can rest assured that just about anyone who stays in a single place for a week will notice all the downsides at some point. Therefore, you should always make sure that you clean up thoroughly. Every corner is important and yes, you’ll have to move all those moveable appliances in order to get rid of the dust.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs play an important role in creating a homey atmosphere that many guests seek and appreciate. However, unlike floors, these are a bit trickier to clean. Well, in addition to the fact that there are few things uglier than a filthy carpet, dust mites are the last thing you want to have your guests complaining about.

On another note, replacing any furniture and coaster under legs is extremely important, if you’re looking to keep away wood and rust stains from your carpets and rugs, we learn from Gold Coast carpet cleaning experts.  Keeping carpets and rugs clean is even more important if your rental is meant for families – nobody will let their toddlers crawl around on filthy carpets.

Spotless Vacation Rental

No Smoking Policy for a Spotless Vacation Rental

Smoking is definitely bad for your vacation rental – you’ll never get that nasty smell off the blankets, curtains, pillows, etc. This, however, isn’t the worst of it – if you don’t strictly outline the no-smoking-indoors policy, you are putting your walls at risk – they might turn into that horrible shade of gray. Never allow smoking in your vacation rental!

If you are looking for a spotless vacation rental, these tips are bound to help you. Just make sure that you clean it frequently and thoroughly (not only during the vacation season) and keep an eye on those carpets and rugs – they are basically sponges for dirt, filth and stains!

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