Sports Fan Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a list of places and things he/she wants to do before they die and for someone who really loves sports, it might include goals such as visiting every baseball stadium in the United States or watching all professional sports live at least once. The ultimate sports fan though will likely include a variety of events located in different countries. Their sports fan travel bucket list might look something like this…

Sports Fan Travel Bucket List

Olympic Games

Sports Fan Travel Bucket List: Rio de Janiero
Rio de Janiero

No other sporting event in the world has more pomp and prestige than the Olympics. All athletes aim to compete and win medals for their country at an Olympic event, and because it only comes along every four years, the allure and expectations are even greater. Countries compete to host it while political differences are usually forgotten during the month-long event. What’s more, the Olympics are where sports histories are made. If you’re planning to see an Olympic event, start planning for the trip to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 summer games.

EL Clásico

Sports Fan Travel Bucket List: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

There are football rivalries, and then there’s the El Clásico. Anytime Real Madrid and Barcelona face off against each other on the field, it’s always more than just football. These two, top professional teams have some of the best footballers in the planet so watching them compete is akin to watching an all-star match every time. Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate much of Spanish football so their clashes typically determine which team wins the league. Also both stadiums (Santiago Bernabéu for Real Madrid and Camp Nou for Barcelona) are awesome attractions themselves.

Tennis match at Centre Court, Wimbledon

Sports Fan Travel Bucket List: 2015 Men's Championship Wimbledon
2015 Men’s Championship Wimbledon

Wimbledon is the holy grail of tennis. It’s the oldest of the four grand slams and the only one played on grass. The tournament itself is steep with tradition. A few examples remain until this day which include players wearing only white during matches, a break in play during the middle Sunday, and of course The Queue, which is as famous as the tournament itself. Being able to see early round matches so close to the action on the outside courts are undeniably great, especially for any tennis fan, but what’s even better is watching a match between two top players at Centre Court, the most famous tennis court in the world.

World Cup Finals Match

Sports Fan Travel Bucket List: Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg

The culmination of four years of qualifying matches finally comes together during the World Cup. The atmosphere during games is unmatched and because the remaining teams are the best of the best, the matches are almost always exciting. Also, since soccer is the most famous sport in the world, going to a World Cup match will also be one of the few sporting events where you’ll get to meet a variety of people from different cultures. The last World Cup tournament was just held last year so if you’re thinking of going to the next one in Russia (2018), you’ll have plenty of time to work out your itinerary.

Monaco Grand Prix

Sports Fan Travel Bucket List: Monaco Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix

Beautifully crafted sports cars, the scenic Mediterranean, and enticing allure of the French Riviera are just a few reasons why the Monaco Grand Prix belongs on the sports fan travel bucket list. The race also happens to be one of the most important and prestigious car racing tournaments in the world. The two-mile long route is full of difficult twists and turns, making it all the more exciting for viewers to watch live. Besides, no other racing location in the world features so many scenic outlooks at every turn.

Super Bowl

Sports Fan Travel Bucket List: Super Bowl Fan Events
Super Bowl Fan Events

Baseball might be America’s past time, but American football is definitely America’s preferred sport. The short season for American football concludes every year at the Super Bowl, where tickets are severely overpriced. The upside though is not only are you paying to watch a thrilling game, but you’ll also get to watch incredible musical performances by popular artists during the Halftime Show. The next game, Super Bowl 50, will take place at Levi’s Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers, in Santa Clara, California. If you already have tickets to go, start looking for places to stay near San Jose because odds are, you won’t find any if you wait too long.

Round of Golf at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

Sports Fan Travel Bucket List: St Andrews Old Course, 17th Hole
Old Course, 17th Hole

To any golfer, St. Andrews in Scotland is a must. It’s the birthplace of the sport and a revered location that has seen several generations of players make history. The Old Course in particular is one of the most challenging 18-holes in golf with tempestuous Scottish winds creating havoc during drives. The course is also laden with deep bunker holes that are very difficult to escape from. But no matter what the scorecard says at the end, the fact that you walked the same path and saw the same scenic views as golfing legends puts St. Andrews on any sports fan travel bucket list.

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