Spontaneous Travel Tips For Over-planners

With so many review sites, travel blogs and backpacking guides, having a genuine adventure in this day and age isn’t always easy. Spontaneous travel will lead you off the beaten path and let you encounter people, places and events you never dreamed of. But for the over-planner, there is nothing worse than a day without an itinerary. Here are some travel tips to help you let go and welcome the unknown on your spontaneous California adventure.

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Spontaneous Travel Tips for over planners

Learn Not To Worry

Let go of worry and welcome the unknown. Acceptance of the way things are, each and every day, will make your spontaneous travel much more enjoyable than if you try to control each aspect of your time on the road. But how do you let go? A consistent meditation practice can increase your acceptance and ability to relax when outcomes are uncertain. Meditation helps you become more aware of your anxieties, identify them and choose which you act upon and which you can ignore. Acceptance is a natural state, and if only you can find it, you can become the free-spirited person you want to become.

Yoga to the People
Yoga to the People

Put Your Mind At Ease

Identify the tools you can make use of or have at the ready that will make it easier for you to let go. For many, this will be a reliable smartphone like the LG G5, which features a replaceable battery, so you can carry an extra charge with you wherever you go. Other important features include a GPS app like Google Maps, which can put your mind at ease if you find yourself in uncharted territory. For simple purchases, Android Pay or another e-wallet solution is also handy. While you don’t have to use any of these tools, they can get you out of a sticky situation if your trip goes awry.

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Ask The Locals

Sure, TripAdvisor will always have a collection of must-see locations. For instance, along the Central Coast of California, Morro Bay and Big Sur both get their fair share of attention. But internet guides don’t get you the unknown views from the less-visited, non-touristy spots. For the best travel tips to find local eats, beaches and genuine experiences, ask locals. This is the best way to find out about hidden restaurants, wineries and watering holes. Don’t let the popularity of a few hot locations overshadow the hidden gems of this iconic region.

See the stunning California coast: Coastal Walk at Ranchos Palos Verdes
California Coast

Travel Light

Whether you travel by bus or car, if you can travel light, you’ll find your adventure much more genuine, and a lot easier. Don’t lug three bags around with you wherever you go. Instead, fit everything you need in a single bag, so you can change plans at a moment’s notice. Cut out extra stuff from your bag(s). Three pairs of clothes, plus the one you wear, is more than enough. Bring the perfect shoes — a pair you can walk in for hours, with solid arch support rather than some flat soled boots or awkward clogs. Running shoes make for great travel footwear as they can make due for simple day hikes or even a weekend adventure if you meet someone along the way that wants to explore the wild. Furthermore, choose your toiletries with care. As you have limited space, your vanity grooming tools probably don’t have a place on this trip.

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