The Very Best of Split Croatia Holiday: History & Food

Situated on Croatia’s idyllic Dalmatia Coast is the country’s second-largest city, Split. It’s a mecca of picturesque beaches and historic buildings dating back to the 4th Century. If you’re looking for some serious relaxation in an other-worldly destination then Split is the perfect place to visit. It’s full of historical sights and top-notch food. So, whether you’re planning an upcoming trip to Croatia, or if you’re just curious about what a Split Croatia Holiday has to offer, read on to find out the very best of this unique spot.

History & Food for the Best Split Croatia Holiday

Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is an ancient palace built way back in the 4th Century AD for the Roman Emporer Diocletian. It’s one of the most striking Roman ruins to still exist today, and is definitely worth a visit when in Split. It’s not your average palace, though. The ‘palace’ stretches 215 m from north to south, and is essentially a bunch of well-preserved streets packed with bars, restaurants and shops. It was built in the first place as a fortified town, military fortress and also an imperial residence all in one.

Diocletian's Palace. Split Croatia Holiday. Split Croatia Holiday
Diocletian’s Palace by Isabell Schulz on Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

Cathedral of St Domnius

Another incredibly well-preserved Roman structure in Split is the Cathedral of St Domnius. Originally built as a mausoleum for Diocletian, his sarcophagus was destroyed by the Christians in the 5th Century and St Domnius was converted into a church. When visiting the cathedral, the ticket price includes access to its crypt, treasury and also the baptistery (Temple of Jupiter). Open from 8 am-7 pm Monday-Saturday and 12:30 pm-6:30 pm on Sundays, the Cathedral is a must-see for history buffs visiting Split.

Diocletian's Mausoleum. Split Croatia Holiday
Diocletian’s Mausoleum by Richard Mortel on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Split’s Best Restaurants

It’s safe to say that the culinary scene in Croatia’s second city, Split, is thriving right now. One-of-a-kind eateries seem to be opening on a monthly basis. So, whether you’re into a range of cuisines, or if you want to sample authentic Croatian food, there is something for everyone when it comes to food in Split. For traditional Croatian cuisine, head to Konoba Hvaranin. The restaurant is owned and run by the Radovani family, and serves amazing home-made, comforting food. Also, the fresh fish at the upmarket Dvor restaurant is a must-try, as is the risottos at Trattoria Tinel. Eating out in Split is an amazing experience indeed.

Shellfish Konoba Hvaranin. Split Croatia Holiday
Shellfish by whatleydude on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

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