Spatenhaus, Munich beer hall: Beer and pork and beer and pork and…

MUNICH, Germany – If you asked any bystander what defines German food, the answer would probably be “sausages and beer.” And this unshakable stereotype is used heavily by several restaurants and breweries in Germany, including the most stereotypical of all provinces, Bavaria. In Munich beer hall, do people actually eat extreme amounts of pork and drink millions of gallons of wheat beer?

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Well, clichés have to come from somewhere.

The restaurant of the brewery Spatenhaus is a huge factory of beer and meat. There, you can eat all the German specialties. Schweinshaxe – braised pork shank; spätzle – German pasta; sauerkraut – the traditional cabbage dish; schnitzel – veal cutlet breaded and fried; and an array of superb sausages.

Obviously, to accompany it all, there is the house beer, the Spatenhaus, a super classic lager.

Everything is served in a setting worthy of a play of yesteryear.

Spatenhaus, Munich beer hall: The decor - © Cedric Lizotte
Spatenhaus, Munich beer hall: The decor – © Cedric Lizotte

Still, the atmosphere at Spatenhaus, where nostalgic locals eat alongside tourists visiting the old town, is wonderfully exotic. It is a place where you can indulge in a mid-fantasy medieval world, half-extinct, half-alive and true, and embark on a gargantuan meal of beer and meat.

Besides, at Spatenhaus, the grandest banquets are organized. Presidents of the world and celebrities are regularly invited. The great location, on two floors in the center of Munich, is perfect for this.

This is a world like no other. And it is, of course, an obligatory stop for tourists staying in Munich.

The food is not bad, either. The sausages are excellent, the warm sauerkraut is good, the beer is fresh, and the pork knuckle, braised for hours, is delicious. Why not?

Spatenhaus, Munich beer hall: Meats! Sausages, roast pork, roast suckling pig, crispy duck, dumplings - © Cedric Lizotte
Spatenhaus, Munich beer hall: Meats! Sausages, roast pork, roast suckling pig, crispy duck, dumplings – © Cedric Lizotte

Spatenhaus, Munich beer hall: Visit the old town and have a drink

The restaurant of the Spatenhaus brewery is in front of the opera, making a stop at the famous restaurant all the more inviting. In addition, on the same street corner can be found Restaurant Kuffler. This is a great place to have an aperitif. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to taste the food, but the intriguing decor, and the terrace which overlooks the square in the summer, are two excellent reasons to go there. Then, a short walk separates Kuffler and Spatenhaus. The two restaurants have completely different offers, so those who aren’t so much into beer and pork can fall back on Kuffler!

Spatenhaus an der Oper – Residenzstraße 12, 80333 Munich

Kuffler restaurant – Hofgraben 9, 80539 Munich

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