Spain’s Party Capital: Seville Must Eat Tapas

The capital of Andalusia is arguably one of the best gastronomical cities in the world. It’s in Seville where various tapas have their origins. Its history as an important mercantile city also meant a continuously evolving culinary culture. Finally, its reputation as Spain’s feria or party capital means that there are plenty of great places to eat and drink all around. When visiting and staying in this Andalusian capital, here are some suggestions for Seville must eat tapas.

Seville Must Eat Tapas

Spinach with chickpeas

Spinach with Chickpeas
Spinach with Chickpeas

If there is one dish that illustrates the best of Arabic and Spanish cultures, it’s likely spinach with chickpeas. It can be prepared in different ways. Some boil the spinach first and season it with salt, paprika, garlic and olive oil then add the chickpeas. Others sauteé the spinach with garlic, chickpeas and wine vinegar until the spinach is wilted. It can be eaten on its own or with bread. It’s delicious either way.

Iberico Ham

Iberico Ham Belotta
Iberico Ham Belotta

One might say that in Spain, pork is king; and the best ones are reserved for curing. Iberico ham definitely should be one of your Seville must eat tapas. Not only is it delicious, but its rarity in other countries (especially the United States) makes it even more of a delicacy in the country.

The best one comes from 100% black Iberian pigs and have a deep red color and silky texture. It practically melts in your mouth! Locals eat it anytime of the day, whether in between bread or simply as an accompaniment to an ice-cold beer or red wine from the region.


Montaditos Con Pringa
Montaditos Con Pringa

Another pork dish that ought to be in your Seville must eat tapas list is pringá. Made from leftovers of traditional pork based stew, it is akin to a pulled pork sandwich in the United States without the barbecue sauce. You’ll see plenty of locals munching on it, particularly as an appetizer, in bars everywhere in the city.

Suckling Pig

Seville Must Eat Tapas,Suckling Pig with Potatoes and White Beans
Suckling Pig with Potatoes and White Beans

A definite regional specialty is the Andalusian version of a suckling pig; and because Sevilla is the capital of the region, the bars and restaurants here have perfected its preparation. The dish usually comes with fried or boiled potatoes and pork meat – usually with patch of crispy skin – and is accompanied by a form of gravy made from the juices of the pork. Pour it over the meat and potatoes and enjoy!

This Seville must eat tapas is generally included in three-course menus referred to as “menu de dia” but is also available as a tapa or a full-plate order.

The country of Spain is generally beloved by foodies around the world, but none more so than Seville. The capital of the Andalusian region shows its love for food just by the sheer number of restaurants and bars it offers visitors staying in Seville. Make sure to sample at least one, or all of these Seville must eat tapas to enhance your cultural experience.

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