Top 6 Wildlife Sanctuaries in South India

If you love adventure and want to explore the wildlife of South India, then visit any of the national parks in South India. There are 80 national parks, 440 sanctuaries and 23 tiger reserves here. Pack your bags and pass through the wild terrains of the following South India National Parks to rejuvenate and restore your health.

Top South India National Parks to Visit

1. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Located at the higher ranges of Western Ghats, the Periyar National Park is a mandate part of Kerala. Spread over a massive area of 777 sq. kms, the cool shadows of deciduous and evergreen woods is the safe shelter for tigers, elephants, Malabar Giant squirrels, Malabar hornbills, deer, stripe neck mongoose, egrets, lizards, civet cats and Brahmin eagles.

The park has more than 260 species of birds, which include Blue-winged Parakeets, Great Indian hornbills, Nilgiri wood pigeons, Black-winged kites, White-bellied tree pies, laughing thrushes and darters.

When to Visit – October to April

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala. South India National Parks

2. Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Scattered over 874.20 sq. kms, this sanctuary is an important part of Karnataka.  The grassy woodlands of this sanctuary is the residence of wild herds of Asiatic elephants; several species of deer like gaur, sambar, antelope, wild boars, jackals and sloth bears. The Kabini River flows by this dense jungle, which attracts numerous birds like Hawk eagle, Serpent eagle, Parakeets, Woodpeckers, Barbets, Hornbills and Warblers.

When to Visit – April to October

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka. South India National Parks

3. Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Located near Mysore, this sanctuary has an abundance of wildlife; such as tigers, leopards, Indian bison, wild dogs, jungle cats, hyenas and antelopes. Among reptiles you can find marsh crocodiles, monitor lizards, rock pythons in the swamps. As you stroll through the dense forests, the joyous chirps of Malabar trogons, crested serpent eagles, crested hawk eagles; blue bearded bee eaters, scarlet minivets and herons welcome you.

When to Visit – September to May

Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka. South India National Parks

4. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

Do not miss a visit to this charming sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. This is one of the South India National Parks located at the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, this dense forest region is an abode for Nilgiri langurs, banners, gaur, macaque, tigers, leopards, Chitals, Python, Barking deer, leopards, sloth bear, four-horned antelope and panthers.

When to Visit : April to June

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu. South India National Parks

5. Nagarjunasagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh

A highlight of Andhra Pradesh is a visit to Nagarjunasagar wildlife sanctuary. Sprawling on a massive area of 14.44 sq. kms, Nagarjunasagar is located at the catchment area of the River Krishna. This tiger reserve is also popular for its exotic collection of plants like Niebuhrian apetala, Cissus vitiginea, Ziziphus xylopyrus, and Pterolobiumindicum.

When to Visit – October to May

Nagarjunsagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh. South India National Parks

6. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

This wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 77 sq. kms; you can find here elephants generally during the dry season. The wildlife sanctuary has a rich biodiversity with venomous species of cobra, kraits and vipers crawling through the forest. Kingfishers, Elephants, black bulbuls, jungle fowls, woodpeckers, laughing thrushes and pea fowls add color and melody to the jungles.

When to Visit – December to April

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala. South India National Parks

From mammals to reptiles, birds to amphibians, the rich biodiversity of Western Ghats is aptly reflected at South India national parks and sanctuaries.

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