Top 7 Essential Solo Traveller Cruise Tips

Whether you’re happily single or your current partner doesn’t like the idea of the open seas, going on a cruise shouldn’t be something you put off just because you’re on your own. Travelling solo on a cruise ship has become so popular in recent years that almost all cruise lines cater for people on their own. From providing stylish and modern single cabins to arranging exclusive activities designed especially for solo travellers; cruise lines are now so accommodating that you need never feel embarrassed or lonely when cruising solo. Here are some important solo traveller cruise tips to keep in mind before you go on a cruise.

Being on your own shouldn't stop you from having a fantastic cruise holiday! Solo Traveller Cruise Tips
Being on your own shouldn’t stop you from having a fantastic cruise holiday!

If you’re thinking about booking up on your own, here are seven things you need to consider first to guarantee yourself an excellent cruise holiday.

Top 7 Solo Traveller Cruise Tips

1. Choose a cruise with single cabins

Avoid excessive solo traveller charges by picking a cruise line that offers single cabins. Royal Caribbean, P&O Cruises and Fred Olsen all have single cabins with zero single supplement fees, while Costa Cruises offers single cabins for a tiny 6% extra. This is one of the most money-saving solo traveller cruise tips to keep in mind.

You can stay in a double cabin with Crystal Cruises like this for just a small supplement. Solo Traveller Cruise Tips
You can stay in a double cabin with Crystal Cruises like this for just a small supplement. Image via Flickr, Josh Friedman / CC BY-ND 2.0

2. Or keep the solo supplement as low as possible

If you want a bit more room to stretch out and would prefer a double cabin; take advantage of the cruise line companies that offer low single traveller supplements. Crystal Cruises and Silversea charge as little as 10% extra during sale periods.

3. Small ships are best for mingling

If you want to spend your time chatting, dining and socialising with other guests instead of enjoying some rest and relaxation on your own; it’s a good idea to choose a smaller ship with fewer passengers. A small number of guests will mean your chances of getting to know your fellow cruisers are much better, compared to a big ship with thousands of guests that you’ll just get lost in.

Don't miss out on the initial introductory meet-up. Solo Traveller Cruise Tips
Don’t miss out on the initial introductory meet-up.

4. Check your itinerary on day one

Most cruise liners host introductory meet-ups during the first few days of the cruise. These are a great way to find new, interesting people without feeling awkward and out of place.

5. Join in with the activities

Another great way of making friends onboard is to take part in activities that work for single people. Quizzes, cooking classes, pool games and lectures are all great ways to meet people and none of them require partners.

You'll get your massage a lot sooner if you don't have to tie in your plans with anyone else. Solo Traveller Cruise Tips
You’ll get your massage a lot sooner if you don’t have to tie in your plans with anyone else.

6. Take advantage of your solo status

Being a solo traveller definitely has its perks when it comes to queue jumping. While couples or groups often have to wait to workout at the gym together, sit in the Jacuzzi at the spa together or grab side-by-side seats together for the big show, as a single traveller you can snap up a spare spot anywhere without the wait.

7. Make friends with the maitre d’

All cruise lines have different dining plans, but if you want to be sure you’re sat with a group of people for dinner, let your maitre d’ know. Chances are there are plenty of other solo travellers who also want a bit of company with their meal and would be happy to join you.

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