The Four Best Smartphones For Travelers

The battle between Apple and Android phones continues to rage in the tech universe, and it has even invaded the travel sphere, as road warriors and backpackers struggle to find the best device to carry with them across the globe. Here are the top four smartphones for travelers.

The Top Smartphones For Travelers

Battery life is one of the top issues travelers have with their smartphones. Whether they’re hiking through a gorge or touring a historic castle, few people have the time to find a plug and wait for a device to charge. In this case, the Galaxy S7 Edge might be best for you.

Screen size is another issue that travelers look for. Long flights and train rides can become bearable with a smartphone on which you can watch movies. The bigger the screen, the better the viewing experience. In this case, an iPhone would be your best option. The iPhone 7 is 25 percent brighter than other models, making it ideal for watching a movie on the way to your next destination.

If you’re convinced Apple products are inferior, look for the Android phones like the new Galaxy S8 at T-Mobile. Its reliable network takes an already amazing device and elevates it by providing you with service and support where you need it. If you’re still on the fence about which device is better; check out the infographic below to learn about the best smartphones for travelers. It’s broken up based on your priorities, like camera options and durabilities. You may find the next best travel companion to help you on your journeys.

smartphones for travelers

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