6 Tips That Will Make You A Smart Traveler

Meeting new cultures, new people and visiting new places is what we all love. It doesn’t matter if you travel for exciting adventures or simply to relax and have a break, you can call yourself a traveler. However, there are few things that could make your future experiences better. Having a plan is always an essential part of the experience and if you’ve never traveled before you should probably plan your trip carefully. That’s why we’ve prepared six tips that will make you a smart traveler even if you are completely inexperienced.

Smart Traveler

6 Tips to Help You Become A Smart Traveler

The importance of a carry-on bag

It is advisable that you travel with a carry-on bag packed with extra clothing and important items. Although it is rare, mishandling or losing baggage happens. Sometimes airlines have to re-route and that is the most common reason for losing the baggage. Investing in baggage insurance is also a good idea. So, you should keep your passport, money and phone with you at all times. If you have a carry-on privilege, please use it wisely. We don’t want you to fall victim to someone’s frivolous mistake.  

Smart Traveler

Plan your holiday on time

We’d like to underline that this might be the most important tip on the list. Before you book a flight or a hotel room please plan out your holiday! It doesn’t matter if you opt for one of those prepaid Layby holidays or you just want to try backpacking, finding a travel agent is always a good idea. On the other hand, some people like to go unprepared. That means that some travelers don’t book their rooms in advance, but they rather use Airbnb or simply try to find a hostel. Bottom line is being a smart traveler you should always know what you want from your holiday. Planning it all out while you are sitting on the plane on your way there can be adventurous, but it is always smarter to do it on time in the comfort of your home.    

Airline and hotel policies

There are hundreds of airlines nowadays and even more hotels. It is perfectly normal that they tend to be extremely competitive. You’ll stumble upon amazing airline fares or tremendous hotel reviews and ads, but always look carefully for hidden restrictions and hidden fees. Don’t just visit their website, dig deeper. Read the reviews, make some calls and ask about refund policies or ‘blackout dates’. When it comes to airlines be sure to check their baggage services. You’ll have to pay attention to the baggage service because you’ll want to avoid that extra weight that could set you back for quite a few bucks.

Smart Traveler

Expect the unexpected

Cancellations and delays happen. We can be angry all we want but that’s just how it is. Some airlines have a system that enables you to travel on another carrier if your flight gets delayed or cancelled but some don’t. Be wary of this fact. And even if your selected airline offers this privilege that doesn’t mean that you are eligible for it. Some passengers are, and some aren’t. To be a smart traveler, it would be wise to come up with a backup plan just in case something like this happens. Ask about meal vouchers, complimentary hotel accommodations or a possible refund – you never know what can happen to your flight. And some airlines aren’t as eager as they claim to be in these situations.


Even though many consider this to be common knowledge; we have to stress out that you need to be healthy before getting on a plane. If you feel under the weather a few days before your flight; please stay inside and do everything in your power to get better. In case you have a chronic condition that requires a specific diet you need to go over that with the airline. Diseases such as diabetes or hypertension can be extremely dangerous on a long flight. Consult your airline and see if they can meet your dietary needs. If the answer is negative, pack the needed food yourself!

Smart Traveler

Be theft-proof

We know that this may sound difficult, or even impossible, but you have to do everything in your power to prepare yourself for the possibility that someone might see you as a target for theft and fraud. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, you have to take necessary precautions and protect yourself! Theft can happen even if you are in your hotel room. Just because you think that you are safe due to the fact that you left your valuables inside your room doesn’t mean that it’s true. Read reviews and check with your hotel to see if they offer room safes. You should also check if the code works should you use the safe.

When it comes to valuables that you have in your pockets, you should think about investing in pick-pocket proof clothes or money belt. Or at least buy a proper purse that will always be by your side.

Now that you’ve read our tips we hope that you’ll take them into consideration the next time you go traveling. Being a traveler is amazing and some see it as a way of living but know that bad things can happen. So, in order to minimize that possibility follow these six simple tips to be a smart traveler and you should be okay.  

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