The Best Way to Go Onshore When Cruising

Although I don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, I decided to chat about the shore excursion cruise tips options because the right decision can be the clincher for a pleasant visit. At the far end of the debate are passengers who think that hiring a bicycle and charging off without a proper map turns them into Columbus hell-bent on discovering America.

At the other end of the discussion there are those who would not think of emerging from the ship to go on shore excursions without a guided tour. That’s because they either don’t know enough, dislike foreigners or are not about to be ‘taken for a ride’. I am somewhere in the middle. I don’t like crowds, but I also know my limitations. The final decision is personal. Here are some shore excursion cruise tips considerations to help you decide.

Shore Excursion Cruise Tips: Early  Map of America
Early  Map of America

How Much Do You Want to Spend on your Shore Excursion Cruise Tips?

Guided tours are good money for organisers and cruise lines. If this were not so then why would buses stack up six deep on the wharf. If you would rather save the money for a souvenir or a leisurely local meal, you can Google the town first and DIY. Just remember to investigate before you leave your home base, because the internet on board costs a fortune and the connection is slow because the ship is usually moving.

Perhaps You Have Personal Safety Concerns

Six seniors with determined umbrellas can see off the most determined hustler. Being alone is not the same thing. If you are old enough to be a temptation – or infirm – then you should think twice before exploring on your own. Of course the shore excursion location also plays a role. Strolling across to Las Palmas Beach is very different from landing in Lagos.

Shore Excursion Cruise Tips: Church on Hill, Boulogne
Church on Hill, Boulogne

Is the Destination Strenuous?

I’ll catch a tour bus if the going is hard, for example climbing up the hill overlooking Boulogne. I wouldn’t do this in my home town so why would I do it onshore in a strange country where I don’t speak the language properly, and an accident could spoil my holiday? It’s all very well being adventurous, but being a castaway in a foreign hospital is something else.

Let’s Decide and Get Going

I love exploring street-markets in well-lit places, and dining adventurously in foreign restaurants albeit in the light of my phrase book. However I never, ever hire a car and drive for hours to an exotic destination. My reason is simple. If an ‘official’ tour bus breaks down the ship waits, because many other passengers are affected too.

Shore Excursion Cruise Tips: Carnival Cruising Away
Carnival Cruising Away

If I’m on my own, get a puncture, and there is no spare wheel in the boot, then the final view of my cabin could be as my cruise ship sails past across the ocean towards the horizon. And that’s why I went from Vigo to Santiago de Compostela on a coach tour.

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