Sheffield Budget Spring Saturday: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve read some of my posts in the past, you’ll know that I live in Sheffield, and absolutely adore it. I definitely feel at home here, more so than in Grimsby, Dublin and the Algarve. It’s just such a friendly place with so many cool things to do. Plus, it’s pretty central, meaning I can go back home to see my family on a regular basis without breaking the bank. It’s also only 40 minutes from Leeds, an hour from Manchester, and two hours from London. All this combined with the fact that Sheffield is Europe’s greenest city makes it, well, a pretty damn good place to live. Whether you’re local to Sheffield or want to head here for a weekend sometime in the spring/summer, here’s the perfect things to do for a Sheffield budget spring Saturday if, like me, you’re on a budget.

The Ultimate Guide for a Sheffield Budget Spring Saturday

Coffee at the Steam Yard & Division Street Window Shopping

Yes, yes, yes. I can’t think of anything better than starting the day with a coffee at the Steam Yard; one of the city’s most beloved coffee hotspots. The cool, airy interior and the wooden seating area in the outdoor courtyard provide the perfect seating spots, accompanied with a top-quality cup of coffee and a mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwich. After breakfast at the Steam Yard, wander down Division Street and window shop in the quirky, independent boutiques. Or, if you’re like me, spend £15 you don’t have on some to-die-for cat earrings designed by some obscure artist. When it comes to the Division Street shops, I can just never say no. The thing I love about the shops on this awesome Sheffield street is that they’re different. A bit edgy, off-the-beaten track, selling old books, records, illustrations and vintage finds.

Mint. Sheffield Budget Spring Saturday
Mint by KylaBorg on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Sunbathe on Endcliffe Park

I spent the majority of last summer at Endcliffe Park, and I love it there. It’s one of the prettiest spots in the whole city. Of course, Sheffield is renowned for being home to so many parks and green spaces, but Endcliffe Park is probably my favourite. This picturesque, Victorian park provides the perfect opportunity to take a relaxing stroll through the greenery in the sun. Or, if you’d rather relax, the huge open field is the ideal spot to lay back and soak up the rays. A summer’s day at Endcliffe Park is a day well spent!

Endcliffe Park. Sheffield Budget Spring Saturday
Endcliffe Park by Andrew Basterfield on Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

Head to kk

The Peddler Night Market, which I wrote about, takes place at Kelham Island on the first Friday & Saturday of every month. Commonly referred to as Sheffield’s ‘up & coming’ neighbourhood; Kelham Island is home to lots of former factories-turned-bars/restaurants/flats. It preserves the city’s industrial heritage perfectly. Situated at 92 Burton Road, the Peddler Night Market opens on the Friday night. It runs through Saturday afternoon until 11 pm. It’s the perfect place to sample some delicious street food, check out one-of-a-kind live music, and spend a few quid on the work of independent artists. It’s also completely free to get in!

Peddler Night Market. Sheffield Budget Spring Saturday
Me @ the Peddler Night Market

…Then on to West Street

…Probably one of my most-used phrases, to be honest. A good Sheffield budget spring Saturday will get even better, if you decide to head on to West Street for your weekend night out. Specifically West Street Live, or ‘Wezzie’ as the locals call it… just saying. WSL is probably the cheapest place on West Street, and also the best. It’s always free entry. There are countless drinks offers depicted by hundreds of A4 sheets of paper plastered all over the bar, and the music is always amazing. From live alternative rock bands to Aretha Franklin numbers; Wezzie guarantees you a great night out no matter what your age, interests or preferences.

West Street Live. Sheffield Budget Spring Saturday
West Street Live by Adam Bruderer on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

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