The Seven Day Four Cities Trip

Going on a holiday in Europe is one of the best things that you can ever get to do and I got to visit four cities on my seven day four cities trip in Europe.

These cities are filled with a vibrant culture, as well as a rich history of art, and the people are just amazing, not to mention the food. These four cities were Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest and I loved every one of them that I was in. Getting around these cities was pretty easy, and that is why the whole seven day four cities trip was so fantastic.

Seven Day Four Cities Trip in Europe


The St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna is one of those places that I had to see while I was here. Such a magnificent structure that was erected in the medieval times and has withstood the test of time as well as all sorts of changes in its way. This place of worship, as well as the City’s icon, is one place that is just amazing in the eye. While in Vienna, I also go to see a Zoo by the name of Tiergarten Schonbrunn that was founded in the 18th century. There are a lot of other places I got to see here and then I was off to another city by the name of Bratislava.

Seven Day Four Cities Trip in Europe: St Stephens Cathedral in Vienna
St Stephens Cathedral in Vienna: Photo Costel Slincu / CC BY 2.0


Located on the Austrian and Hungarian border, Bratislava has beautiful sites. It is the capital of Slovakia, and it is just amazing to be there. The castles that are there are just majestic and incredible. Architectural marvels that you don’t get to see daily. The Devin Castle especially is one of those places that you just can’t ignore to stare at. Primate’s Palace is also just as beautiful as the Bratislava Castle. This is one place that you just want to tour all day. Was here on my fourth day of my seven day four cities trip to Europe and I just didn’t want to leave. This place kind of made me want to extend my holiday.

Seven Day Four Cities Trip in Europe: Bratislava Castle in Slovakia
Bratislava Castle in Slovakia: Photo Miroslav Petrasko / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


On my fifth day of vacation in Europe, I headed to Prague, and that was just another place that you wouldn’t want to leave when you’re there. The capital of Czech Republic is another place that is filled with history and so much to see that you don’t know where to start and finish. The Charles Bridge, as well as the Old Town Square are places that are just too beautiful to miss while you are here and so many others that I got to see.

Seven Day Four Cities Trip in Europe: Charles Bridge, Prague in the Mist
Charles Bridge, Prague in the Mist: Photo Roman Boed / CC BY 2.0


On my sixth and seventh day, I decided to go to Budapest because this has always been one of my dream locations. The capital of Hungary is majestic. The Chain Bridge and the St. Stephen’s Basilica are just some of the few amazing places that I got to see there.

Seven Day Four Cities Trip in Europe: St Stephens Basilica and Buda River in Budapest
St Stephens Basilica and Buda River in Budapest

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