What to Do on Sea Days on your Cruising Holiday

Whether you love them or hate them, sea days are pretty much impossible to avoid; no matter which itinerary you pick. If you’re someone who gets itchy feet spending an entire day by the pool and booked your cruise so you could spend time exploring amazing destinations around the world; here are a few ideas to help you while away on your sea days.

There's much more to do than enjoy the view during sea days.
There’s much more to do than enjoy the view during sea days.

From peaceful mornings full of self-indulgent pampering to delicious afternoons sampling the finest cuisine on the ocean; these activities will help make sure you enjoy your day at sea instead of just enduring it.

Some cruise ships are so large you'll forget you're even on one!
Some cruise ships are so large you’ll forget you’re even on one!

Things to Do on Sea Days, whilst on your Cruise Vacation

Explore the ship

Very often the first sea day on a cruise itinerary happens right at the start of the cruise after the liner departs. If you’ve never been on the ship before; this makes the first sea day the perfect time to explore and find out just how incredible your boat is. If you prefer you can grab a map and work your way around floor by floor; or be spontaneous and go wherever the mood takes you. On the larger ships like Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas (currently the largest cruise ship in the world!); you could easily spend a whole day just wandering around.

A relaxing massage is a great way to pass an hour or two.
A relaxing massage is a great way to pass an hour or two.

Enjoy a spa day

If the weather’s not at its best or you can’t get a spot by the pool, treat yourself to a relaxing spa day instead. From the standard facials, massages and manicures to the more complicated Botox injections, teeth whitening and weight-loss body wraps, most cruise liners offer such a huge selection of treatments that you’ll be hard pressed to pick just one. Don’t think a spa day is something you have to do on your own, either. Many family-friendly ships also offer special spa treatments for teenagers and younger children.

Onboard casinos are always open on sea days.
Onboard casinos are always open on sea days.

Join in with the day’s activities

But if spending a day doing nothing more strenuous than being spoilt isn’t your thing; pick up that day’s list of activities and see what tickles your fancy. You’ll find everything from trivia quizzes, towel folding demonstrations (they’re much more interesting than they sound, I swear!), movie showings and bingo games to bar crawls, art lectures, shopping sales and casino jackpot tournaments just waiting for you to sign up.

Treat yourself to an amazing three-course meal at lunchtime.
Treat yourself to an amazing three-course meal at lunchtime.

Indulge in some ship-wide dining

Some first time cruisers tend not to get their heads around the idea of making restaurant reservations in the main or speciality dining rooms for the first few days, which means the main buffet restaurants are usually packed. Avoid the crowds and treat your palate at the same time by working your way through the other restaurants instead. The main dining rooms are included in the cost of your cruise and it’s perfectly acceptable to visit one for your starter, one for your main course and one for your dessert. If you’re still hungry, you can always pop into the buffet afterwards for a sneaky ice cream or cookie.

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