4 Scenic Destinations in Taiwan For Nature Lovers

If you love nature, walking and you haven’t visited Taiwan, here are some scenic destinations in Taiwan that should be on your travel list.

scenic destinations in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake ©MDHarding

Top 4 Scenic Destinations in Taiwan For Nature Lovers

You don’t have to travel far from Taipei to enjoy spectacular views, pristine coastline, dramatic natural sculptures, ancient forests, and lots more!

Yehliu Geological Park

One of the best and inexpensive day trips you can take from Taipei is to Yehliu Geological Park. Walk amongst the amazing natural geological formations right on the north coast. It is one of the longer day trips taking an hour, but totally worth it.  There is also a market, small shops and an aquarium. You could also visit Jiufen and explore the old street with the market, views across the mountain and taste the local Taro Balls. We visited the two places on different days and spent a few hours in each place but would have stayed much longer in Jiufen if the weather had been better. Don’t miss the Queen’s Head while visiting Yehliu!

Yehliu Geological Park, Whale Tail. scenic destinations in Taiwan.
Yehliu Geological Park – Whale Tail ©MDHarding

Taroko National Park

We were amazed at how much there is to see and the amount of walking trails to explore at Taroko National Park. In the end, we spent two nights just outside the park with one whole day to explore. It wasn’t enough. You might be ushered into taking a taxi around the park but in most instances, this is not necessary. We took the leisurely 5-minute walk from the hotel to the Arch of Taroko, then another short walk to the park visitor centre where you can watch a short video on the history and beauty of the park. From here you can still walk to the gorge (20 minutes), firstly the bridge of 100 lions with views down into the azure blue waters of the gorge below. The Shakadang Trail is one way only, upon return you might like to either take the bus to one of the other trails or take another 20-minute walk to the Eternal Spring Shrine.  We managed to do all of this in one day and then take the bus to the train station and go back into Hualien for dinner (not many options available in Fushi Village).

scenic destinations in Taiwan, Taroko National Park Gorge
Taroko National Park Gorge ©MDHarding

Alishan National Forest

Don’t miss a visit to this incredible place – Alishan National Forest! See the ancient Giant Cypress trees dated between 800 – 2500 years old. Walk the raised walkway through the trees with scenic vantage points and of course ride the Alishan Mountain Railway to see the sunrise.  It is just magical. The lines for the railway tickets start at 4am and limited to 200 people. It can be a little busy at the top but you can still see it. It was the first and last time we saw so many people at this beautiful location.

Most of the time we were on our own in a vast wilderness or so it felt. As the sun starts to fall the park empties quite quickly! If taking the tourist shuttle and train to other locations please take note of the last departures. We stayed 5 minutes walk from the railway station, restaurants and small shops which was very convenient. With this comes a price, which we discovered!  The accommodation is not only overpriced but not of a great standard. If you can, I would highly recommend the Alishan House Hotel located directly within the park with a complimentary guest shuttle.

scenic destinations in Taiwan. Alishan National Forest
Alishan National Forest ©MDHarding

Beitou Thermal Springs

Take the metro/train/Bus to Beitou and experience the reviving hot thermal springs. An easy day trip from Taipei, we visited the Liuhuanggu Sulphur Valley before travelling on to Beitou and enjoying a private thermal spring at the Beitou Grand View Resort (you can also experience an authentic public thermal spring).  Did you know Sulphur mining in the area dates back to 1349. Thankfully since the 1980’s mining has stopped due to the high cost and environmental impact. The oldest hot spring in Beitou is now a museum, currently being restored and due to re-open end of October 2018. After travelling around the beautiful and scenic destinations in Taiwan we saved this till last. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating. Highly recommend!

Beitou Hot Springs. scenic destinations in Taiwan
Beitou Hot Springs ©MDHarding

As well as visiting Taiwan the traditional way, did you know you can also visit by cruise ship? Why not extend your visit with a stop and stay? There is some unique as well as modern accommodation options available and luxury resorts to choose from such as the Promised Land Resort.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and are inspired to visit scenic destinations in Taiwan also known as Formosa, literally meaning the beautiful island. Happy Travels:) x

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