How to Save Money for a RV Rental Trip

It’s a whole different world we live in these days. The days of securing a stable job and putting down roots are becoming a thing of the past. Many are choosing a less permanent and more nomadic, gypsetting lifestyle—whether it be out on the open road in an RV rental trip or hopping from one plane to another.

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Yet it’s not necessarily an easy road to take, with money being the biggest hurdle. After all, it takes some serious cash to travel. But where there’s a will, there’s a way; and these 10 easy ones will help you save enough money to get you traveling in a year’s time.

How to Save Money for your Motorhome or RV Rental Trip

1. Stick to the essentials

Perhaps the most obvious way to save some money for your RV rental trip is to really keep a close eye on your expenses and lessen your non-essential spending. Cancel your cable and magazine subscriptions, use your AC only when necessary, and stick to your grocery list. Keeping it to the bare necessities goes a long way.

2. Use an expense-tracking app.

While there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself every now and then, it’s a slippery slope to take when you’re trying to save money for a RV rental trip. Monitor your expenses with a spending tracker app. It will help you decide whether or not to allow yourself that dress or gadget you’ve had your eye on.

3. Cook at home

Eating out often takes a huge chunk out of your chequing account. Buy groceries every week and cook all your meals at home. This not only helps you save for your trip, it might even make you eat healthier. You can keep doing it while traveling too— Apollo RV rentals are great for home cooked meals on the road.

Apollo Euro Camper
Apollo Euro Camper. Flickr: apollo motorhomes / CC BY-ND 2.0

4. Find a cheaper apartment

Big city dwellers know well enough that apartments cost a fortune. However, paying $1400 or more every month may not be the most economical option for you. Find a cheaper place to live in or get a roommate, even if you have a much smaller space; think of it as practice if you’re planning on road tripping in an RV rental.

5. Set up an automatic transfer from your chequing account

One great way to ensure that you’re putting away money every month into your travel fund is to set up an automatic transfer with your bank. The bank will automatically transfer a specified amount to your savings on a set date every month so you won’t have to remind yourself or, worse, forget.

6. Do freelance work on the side

Having an extra income on the side helps a lot. Try doing some freelance or part time work on the side, whether it’s doing some paid writing for websites, editing, tutoring, or even just babysitting. When it’s time to fly off into the sunset, you’ll be glad for that extra money in your bank account.

7. Cancel your cable and gym membership

The money you’re investing on cable and your gym membership is a fortune. Get Netflix or Hulu instead. They’re cheaper, and they’ll come in handy if you plan on hitting the road in an RV rental. Also, find a trail in your neighborhood for great, outdoor runs. Without your monthly cable bill and your automatic gym payment, you can put your money away for your whirlwind trip.

8. Sell your stuff on eBay

If you plan on being away for a long period, it might be a great idea to sell some of the stuff you won’t need on eBay or at a garage sale. This serves a two-fold purpose—you’re decluttering so you have less stuff to put in storage while you’re traveling, and you’re making extra cash to add to your travel fund.

9. Minimize your social spending

Just because you’re trying to save money, that doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of fun. Just be mindful of your spending when you do go out. You can limit yourself to going to bars just once a month, or stick to house parties so you don’t have to pay bar prices for your favorite drinks.

10. Save your change

Finally, save every penny, nickel, dime and quarter you have for your RV rental trip. Store them in a container, and then take that to a coin exchange kiosk. You’ll be surprised at how much those pennies could add up to. You can use that cash later on for cash only places or for campgrounds if you’re traveling in an RV rental.

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