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I have always wanted to visit Cape Cod and when I found that I would be going to Boston last year I grabbed the opportunity and added a week in Cape Cod to my itinerary; it turned out to be such a special week and the perfect ending to our holiday.  If you look at a map of the east coast of North America, Cape Cod is the piece of land that sticks out into the Atlantic ocean between Boston in the North, and New York further South – it looks a lot like a body-builders’ flexed arm!  This little portion of the USA is where many of the rich and famous have their holiday homes and is where the Kennedy’s used to spend their summers.  It is also a very popular weekend getaway for Bostonians, as it is just a 90 minutes drive from central Boston.  You absolutely have to have your own transport here and we decided on a RV rental in Cape Cod from Boston which was a great choice to transport 4 people with lots of luggage to our timeshare accommodation in Brewster.

RV Rental in Cape Cod: Cape Cod
Cape Cod

What to do in Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing holiday and most people come here to enjoy the beaches, water sports, fishing and golf.  There are plenty of restaurants too and fish and seafood feature very prominently; wherever you go there will be a lobster shack serving what seems to be the most popular holiday meal of lobster rolls.

Must see sights on the Cape

  1. Provincetown:  interesting and arty, Provincetown is situated at the very end of the Cape (the “fist” of the arm-shaped stretch of land) and is the acknowledged Gay capitol of Cape Cod;  we had a great time here strolling around the many galleries and book stores and the historic town centre.
  2. Martha’s Vineyard:  this quaint island is about 90 minutes by ferry from Hyannisport and was a great day out, although we got lost getting to the harbour and nearly missed our ferry!  Once on the Vineyard we found a local tour company and went on a drive around the island; we were lucky to find a driver/tour guide who is a local and has lived on Martha’s Vineyard all her life – she remembers being an “extra” when the movie Jaws was filmed on the island – so could tell us all about it.  We had an excellent lobster lunch right on the quayside (at our tour guides’ recommendation) and one of the best ice creams I have ever tasted.  There are plenty of little shops to explore and I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the island.

You can also spend time visiting the stately homes and mansions through RV rental in Cape Cod, but we preferred to just follow our noses around the coast, finding some lovely beaches and lighthouses and just soaking up the very tranquil atmosphere.  My only regret is that we were just one week too early to attend the annual scallop festival – I just love scallops!

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