Top RV Rental Care Tips Before Going On Road Trips

If you are heading out on a road trip, the last thing you want is to run into trouble with your vehicle. Not only will malfunctions cause you to lose time and potentially miss some of the attractions you wish to see along the way, but it can cause you serious trouble if you become stranded in a remote area. For this reason, you should take into account the following RV rental care tips in order to make sure that your RV rental is fit for the road and won’t be causing you any issues along the way.

RV Rental Care Tips

Top RV Rental Care Tips

Test Drive

It is incredibly important to try out your RV rental before you take it on the road. The first thing you should do is take it on a test drive to make sure you have the handling down in terms of parking, turning, and road performance. This will not only make your trip easier, but it will assure that there are no driving-related misshapes such as fender benders or engine troubles that will stop you in your tracks.

Also before setting out you should make sure you know how to set up camp for your vehicle. Do a test setup in order to assure you have it down. This will save you time and hassle on your trip. It will also assure that no improper setup will damage the vehicle.

Basic Tools

No matter what your level of mechanical expertise may be, you will always want to bring along a set of basic tools on any road trip. The presence of a tool kit can make a huge difference. Instead of being stranded on the side of the road on a remote highway for hours, you could do a light tune up and get on your way. If you’re worried about space, a small toolkit doesn’t take up much room. It is valuable enough to take priority on your packing list.

RV Rental Care Tips

A toolkit will also come in handy when repairing minor issues with your RV setup. For example, if your awning should become jammed; you will be able to extract it easily if you have a toolkit handy. The same goes for issues with the seats, dashboard; or any of the minor upkeep that is needed with an RV. Major issues can be minor fixes as long as you have the essential tools on hand.

Basic toolkits can be found at any hardware store or chain store and they don’t have to be expensive. The cheapest kits are still effective and won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet. This small cost will be worth the investment when you end up with a small mechanical issue with your RV rental. You can fix it yourself instead of running up massive garage fees.


Learn Basic Fixes

If your mechanical knowledge is low; it will be beneficial to do some research on basic fixes you can do on your RV rental before you hit the road. These should include tire changing, oil replacement, and basic engine fixes. There are a lot of minor things that can go wrong with engines. But there are also a lot of RV rental care tips that can fix them easily with minimal hassle. Depending on the type of RV you are renting, look up the top potential engine issues with that model and make sure you read up on how to fix them. Save the directions on a device or print them out so they are handy during your trip. Also keep in mind that there are many videos on YouTube and other online sources that will walk you step-by-step through the process for performing many different fixes.

RV Rental Care Tips

Read the manual

Another item you will want to research is the user’s manual for your RV rental. Any RV rental will come with a manual. This is an important piece of information when it comes to the general day-to-day upkeep of the vehicle. The manual will tell you about which issues to watch out for, including what various warning signals mean. So if you’re wondering why there’s a red light on the dashboard, a consult of the manual will let  know.

The manual will also go over some basic fixes for minor problems that may not turn up online since they are specific to your vehicle model. For this reason alone, studying the manual ahead of your trip will help you prepare for the day-to-day upkeep of the rig while you are out on the road. It will also help you to anticipate and know how to fix minor issues before they happen.

As long as you keep these RV rental care tips in mind; you will be sure to have a smooth journey. Test drive your vehicle and practice setup; invest in a basic toolkit; research how to perform minor fixes; and consult your RV rental user’s manual. You should be ready for the day-to-day upkeep of your vehicle while out on your journey.

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