RV Relocation Deals: The Pros And Cons

Any savvy traveler knows that one of the best ways to get a good deal on a motorhome rental is to take on one of the RV relocation deals offered by a dealership. In these cases, the dealership will allow you to rent one of their RVs for as little as a dollar per day with the stipulation that you deliver it to a different location within a specific timeframe.

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RV dealers use this method in order to move vehicles between locations and satisfy their inventory; without having to pay high relocation fees associated with professional moving companies. Travelers benefit by taking advantage of the low rates and the possibility of road tripping in a great RV in the time it takes them to deliver it to the new location. There are a number of pros and cons when it comes to RV relocation deals, so make sure to keep these in mind before embarking on one of these deals.

RV Relocation Deals: The Pros

Of course the number one pro when it comes to relocation deals is the low rental rates you can receive for great vehicles. Oftentimes you can get a fully equipped rig that would otherwise cost you thousands for as little as a dollar per day. Plus, many of these deals come with a daily fuel allowance as well; meaning thrifty travelers can take a road trip for an overall dirt cheap price. In theory, you will only have to pay the small rental fee plus your food and activities along the way. This is about as cheap as a road trip comes.

RV Relocation Deals, Apollo Motorhome Rental

Another major pro is that if you have a certain area in mind for a road trip; you can coordinate it so that you find a relocation deal that includes delivering a vehicle to that area. In this case you can explore the area you want to take a trip to; and then deliver the vehicle to its new location. For example, if you’re planning a road trip to Las Vegas, you can get in touch an RV rental place and check out relocation deals they’re offering. This will be a win-win for you and the dealership since you get to travel cheap; and the dealers get to transport their vehicles to one of their branches.

Doing RV relocation deals is also a great way for those who may be curious about RV travel; but not sure they want to fully get into it. This way you can take a trip without having to shell out too much money in order to see if the RV life is the life for you.

RV Relocation Deals: The Cons

One thing to consider when it comes to relocation deals is that you will have to submit to a timetable for the delivery of the vehicle. This means you will need to plan your trip so that you can have the vehicle delivered to the specified location in time. Your ability to be spontaneous and go off the beaten path will be curtailed by this restraint. Spending a few more days at a location you have discovered will be out of the question when it comes to a relocation deal. This situation will be best for a streamlined traveler who has the final destination in mind.

Also keep in mind that since you will be delivering the vehicle to an RV dealer at the new location; you will not have transportation back to your original destination. You will need to arrange for alternate means to get back home; which can add an extra layer of complication to this type of trip. Something to consider here is the gear you take along on the trip. You will need to unload the gear when you deliver the vehicle; so you will most likely want to travel light. The last thing you want is to become stranded with your gear on the other side of the journey.

RV Rental Costs to Remember

Like with any RV rental, you will need to keep the vehicle clean and free of damages. When you deliver the rig to the new location, it will be inspected for damages. If you do end up with damages incurred to the vehicle; then suddenly your cheap road trip may become very costly. You will also be held to a certain amount of miles on the trip; and will need to make sure not to go over the mile limit unless you want to incur some additional charges. This will limit the distance range on your trip, so keep this in mind when taking on a relocation deal.

RV relocation deals are an amazing way to rent a state of the art RV for a super cheap price; and to undertake a trip in a pre-designated area. These deals come with their mixture of pros and cons; but as long as you understand the setbacks and prepare for them; you can enjoy your trip and benefit from the lower rates. There are many travelers who travel exclusively with relocation deals; and it is easy enough to find out about them through dealer websites and message boards. If you are looking for a cheap way to travel in style, there is truly no better deal than an RV relocation arrangement.

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