A Road Trip Checklist for Your Monsoon Vacation

Taking a road trip during the monsoon season isn’t impossible but it does require some intentional planning. The excessive rain and constant moisture that accompanies the monsoon season can create difficulties when it comes to driving safely, staying dry, and even staying healthy. It’s easy to imagine why excessive rain may be an inconvenience during a road trip; but many people don’t realize that there are also healthy and safety concerns that can arise if you aren’t properly prepared to travel in this weather. The following is a monsoon vacation road trip checklist for everything from vehicle safety suggestions to packing tips to keep you comfortable and healthy during your monsoon vacation:

Monsoon Vacation Road Trip Checklist

Monsoon Vacation Road Trip Checklist

Make Sure Your Car is Road-Ready

When you’re planning a road trip, the first place to begin preparations should be with your car. If it’s not in good shape, you won’t get far and may have to cut your trip short. In order to make sure your car gets you there and back again safely; be sure to check these things off your road trip checklist:

Wiper and Tyre Condition

Possibly the most important feature on your car that will ensure your safety is your tyres. If these are worn-down and have poor tread they are more likely to skid on wet roads, which increases your chances of getting into an accident or even sliding off the road and getting stuck in the mud. It’s important to check the state of your tyres before hitting the road, and keep in mind that you may need to replace one or two tyres that are more worn down than the rest in order to stay safe during your travels. We should never miss out on road safety points, and healthy tyres are the foremost one. You can also check for other tyre safety tips on the web as well.

Driving,rain storm,monsoon vacation road trip checklist
Driving in a rain storm

Wipers are the second most important feature to get you through rainy weather. If these are worn-down, broken, or streaky they may not keep your field of vision clear enough to safely navigate obstacles, unfamiliar terrain, or derbies that may be swept into the road.

Emergency Supplies

Make sure you are well stocked in supplies before beginning your journey. This should include everything from basic car-repair and tyre-changing tools to spare tyres, emergency blankets, first aid supplies, and food and water. These things are always important to keep on hand in your car; especially when you are travelling through difficult weather and there is a higher possibility of getting stuck somewhere due to road obstructions or unexpected problems.

monsoon vacation road trip checklist
Packing for the weather

Pack for the Weather

When it comes time to pack for your trip; it is important to keep in mind the conditions you will be facing and to plan accordingly. Your road trip checklist of monsoon survival essentials should include:

  • Raincoat
  • Umbrella (or three)
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Lots of extra socks
  • Clothesline
  • Hairdryer
  • Small towel
  • Waterproof backpack
  • Large Ziploc bags
  • Flashlight

You should always pack a waterproof coat and an umbrella when you are expecting a lot of rain. You may want to find a long coat that will cover as much of your clothing as possible; and throw in an extra umbrella or three, as the heavy winds of a monsoon can make quick work of even the toughest umbrellas.

Waterproof shoes are also a must; and be sure to throw in several changes of socks for when the persistent damp gets through anyway. A clothesline will let you hang up damp clothing to dry even in a hotel room or car; and a hairdryer will dry not just your hair but your clothes or other damp items as well. A small, super-absorbent towel will also help you dry off quickly if you find yourself in an air-conditioned building. Staying damp in A.C. is a good way to catch a cough or cold. A waterproof bag will help protect your belongings if you get caught in the rain, and Ziploc bags are good to have on hand to provide extra protection for things like makeup, wallets, notebooks, or even phones.

A flashlight is also important to have as monsoons can often lead to blackouts in certain areas which can leave you sitting in the dark until the power comes back on.

Pack Health and Safety Supplies

There are a few safety precautions that should be taken as well when you’re preparing for your trip. The persistent rain, pervasive moisture, and high humidity is a breeding ground for various diseases such as dengue, malaria, and viral fevers. Additionally, the water that accumulates in the roads can lead to leptospirosis as well as other bacterial and fungal infections. In order to avoid exposure, try not to walk through standing or dirty water whenever possible.

You should pack disinfectant solutions and scrubs that you can use to treat any cuts or abrasions as well as skin that’s exposed to dirty water. Leaving an open wound exposed to the elements can rapidly lead to infection; so be sure to quickly apply a disinfectant and carry bandages and adhesive wrap to treat even small wounds and keep them sealed. Betadine is a disinfectant that can be added to a bath to help prevent infections; if you get drenched in rain or if street water is thrown up by passing cars. Also, be sure to pack and use mosquito repellent and mosquito nets in order to deter these pests, which can carry infectious diseases.

To Sum Up

Taking a road trip during monsoon season is definitely doable if you are wise about the possible obstacles you will face and prepare ahead of time. Always make sure your car is safe to drive and well-stocked with emergency supplies before hitting the road. Also, be sure to pack lots of waterproof clothes, shoes, bags, and supplies for helping dry out when you do get wet. And always be mindful of your health and take precautions to prevent infections before they become a problem. Follow this monsoon vacation road trip checklist; and you will be ready to enjoy your rainy vacation road trip to the fullest!

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