Rise of Croatia: How A Small Country Became So Big

Despite spending the last 10 years as the fastest-rising holiday destination in Europe, Croatia still does not feel like a place which has been worked over by the tourist sector. With the rise of Croatia, fresh developments were placed on a human scale as well as businesses gaining a pronounced local flavour, emphatically, the Adriatic coast retains an ideal character.

Whether you are interested in edgy urban culture; Mediterranean islands; Game of Thrones area tours; or just splashing around in the famous Adriatic clear waters, Croatia is a destination to discover different experiences and landscapes.

Rise Of Croatia, Pag Island in the Adriatic Sea
Pag Island in the Adriatic Sea

Food, Art and Festivals

A refreshed respect for its natural ingredients is the Croatian cuisine’s watchword; with locally sourced food products, olive oils and wines standing up increasingly to globalization. Now, Croatia has a rising reputation for festivals. It is not only in the music events which is held on beaches; but in the mushrooming amount of arts festivals as well as small-town cultural shindigs. Also, in Zagreb, a raft of brand new galleries and art attractions has provided the country a contemporary and cool sheen.

Rise Of Croatia, Dubrovnik

Croatian Islands

Croatia is truly blessed with a wide range of natural riches; boasting nearly 2000 kilometre of rocky, shore and over a thousand islands. Even in July and August that are the heavily visited months; there are still sufficient islands, serene coves and fishing villages. It certainly makes you feel as if you are visiting Croatia at the most unspoiled.

There is plenty of urbane glamour if that is what you are after. Swanky hotels, cocktail bars, yacht-filled harbours are abundant, particularly in à-la-mode places such as Hvar and Dubrovnik. Though wherever you go you will discover that Croatia retains an attraction for independent travelers; which is lacking at more package-oriented locations in the Mediterranean. Many budgets and mid-range Croatia property is still in the form of private properties. Presently, there is an explosion of backpacker-friendly hostel establishments in the main towns.

Rise Of Croatia, Rovinj Istria
Rovinj in Istria

A Mixture of Culture

The country has come a long way since in the 1990’s. In just the space of five years, nearly uniquely in a contemporary Europe, the country had been through a lot. It encountered the collapse of communism; the war of national survival as well as the securing of independence.

Almost 25 years on, visitors are struck by its tangible sense of pride which independent statehood brought. Now, national culture is very far from a dimensional affair. But much of the individuality of the country is because of its geographical position. It straddles the point where the sober European Central virtues of hard work and also order collide with the vivacity, spontaneity and taste for the great things in life which characterize the southern Europe countries. It’s a cultural mixture of Mediterranean and Mitteleuropa that gives Croatia its special flavour. Not just that, but also the country stands on one of the good fault lines of the civilization of Europe. The point at which Central Europe’s Catholicism meets the Islam as well as the East Orthodox Christianity.

Traditionally, Croats see themselves as a group of Western people; who are distinct from the South Slavs that comprised the former Yugoslavia state. A lot of the Balkan culture’s hallmarks are very common in Croatia as in other areas of southeastern Europe. For example, patriarchal family members, hospitality towards their strangers and also fondness for grilled meal. It suggest that the relationship of the country with its neighbours is nearer than many Croats might admit.

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