The Right Caravan Mattress Makes A Better Journey

One of the joys of living a boho life is the absolute ease with which you procure your items of daily need such as beds, storage facilities, mattresses, etc. It’s a very hip trend to sleep on plain mattresses and not use beds at all, just for the fun of it. It also adds a different aesthetic to your room and creates a warm, cosy ambience when friends are around. If you are travelling in a camper trailer around Australia or any other country, then you should not compromise with your sleep. You should get a good quality caravan mattress. Here are some tips to help you choose the right caravan mattress.

right caravan mattress
Caravan Mattress

Mattresses specially meant for such boho people and for those on the move are known as caravan mattresses and are made to order. These are customized, and you can choose the size and even the foam.

How to choose the right caravan mattress?

Choosing the right caravan mattress is important not just because it’s a long-term investment, but it also affects your health and physique.


The kind of material that goes inside your mattress should be decided with proper considerations as spending long hours on an uncomfortable mattress can not only compromise on your sleep but also cause pains on your lower back.


This is a popular filling for mattresses and is absolutely biodegradable. What’s more? Instead of adding fire-retardant chemicals, wool itself acts as a retardant due to its lanolin coating. This fiber controls the temperature and is cool when the weather gets hot and vice versa. Using this as a filling will give you an extra support.


These mattresses are perfect if you are sharing your bed with someone as they have properties of anti-disturb and lets you sleep peacefully. They come in different heights and you can stuff it in your vans as well as campers.


Natural latex mattresses are resistant to mildew and they roll along with you, adjusting to your shape. These cushion against pressure points and let you sleep peacefully. Another important thing about latex mattresses are its customization ability. Several latex mattresses are made of different layers and its firmness can be customized. Bu there’s one disadvantage: these mattresses are quite heavy and unless you plan to just keep them in your room, it’s not recommended to buy them.


Perhaps one of the most common types of mattress fillings, it is soft and evenly distributes body weight. This allows you to sleep in whichever position you want without causing any discomfort or pain. But one of the major disadvantages of foam mattresses involves its sinking down constantly and its inability to provide a firm support to the body.

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Caravan Mattress

How do I know about the right size of caravan mattress?

You should check your caravan trailer that the mattress you are looking for can fit in your caravan. You should completely check the layout of your caravan trailer and you can even get customized caravan mattress.


There are several factors that need to be carefully considered before you settle for that perfect caravan mattress. After reading the above article, you see that caravan mattress is specially designed for the trailers. There is no difference between the standard mattress and caravan mattress. You know that everyone has their own interests and preferences and you should buy the one which suits your needs. Always buy from certified caravan mattress manufacturers. You should buy a mattress that fits your size, and which suits your family needs. You should always think about the future requirement.

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