Restaurant La Manne Marseille – Warm and friendly

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My visit to Marseille in France was not easy. People are not always very friendly.  Fortunately, the picture is not that bleak: some people have made me feel welcome in this unique city.

Restaurant La Manne Marseille: Warm and Friendly - Exterior
Restaurant La Manne: Warm and Friendly – © Cedric Lizotte

Restaurant La Manne Marseille

This is the case of Vincent Quero and his team, who welcomed me to Restaurant La Manne. This is a nice, simple little restaurant, the menu isn’t fussy, and the prices reflect it.

A plat du jour for 11.50 euros; a Charolais tartare for 14 euros; 11.50 euros for a lasagna. It’s simple, gentle on the wallet, and everything is good!

Restaurant La Manne Marseille: A Tasting Plate - © Cedric Lizotte
Restaurant La Manne: A Tasting Plate – © Cedric Lizotte

Chef Ivan Robert indulges in the inspirations of the moment. Obviously, at La Manne, French cuisine is a given, but during my visit, barbecue-style pork ribs were part of the small tapas available.

And why not? This is above all unpretentious cuisine. Restaurant La Manne Marseille offers dishes we recognise, with ingredients we know, in a simple and friendly atmosphere. In addition you can have a drink with your friendly hosts. It must be noted that La Manne is close to the Saint-Charles train station. So travelers in transit who want to eat quickly before catching the train now know where to go!

Restaurant La Manne

18 Boulevard de la Liberté, 13001 Marseille, France

+33 4 91 08 77 39

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