Remarkable Women: Edinburgh Book Festival

We as women have come far and are going out and achieving great things that no women before us have, such as becoming the first women to cycle around the world. Once someone has done it, it opens up the doors to inspire others and knocks down some of the barriers that were once there or perhaps the doubt. You too can do it! It takes belief in yourself, it is only you at the end of the day. Here are some remarkable women stories you don’t want to miss!

Remarkable Women. Nan Shepherd
Nan Shepherd ©MDHarding

The Stories of Remarkable Women – Edinburgh International Book Festival

Nan Shepherd, one of Scotland’s early modern novelists and poets now recognized on the new Scottish £5.00 notes. “An incredibly inspiring figure, and an unusual one”, according to Robert Macfarlane as written in the guardian. Read her written meditation on the Cairngorms – The Living Mountain.

Remarkable Women. The Living Mountain - Nan Shepherd
The Living Mountain – Nan Shepherd ©MDHarding

Dervla Murphy & Jennifer Tough

These two captivating souls and remarkable women are flying the flag high for women, solo adventurous travel and more, on their brave never been done before adventures around the world cycling, walking and running!  This event at Edinburgh International Book Festival was one of the best I have yet to encounter. The stories of near death experiences, guns, and bears are enough to put some of us off from going beyond the norm of travel, but they put it down to almost like a walk in the park.  It was extraordinary to hear of the feats that both of these charismatic women have gone through and that they are ready for the next challenging adventure.  Like both women said, there is no rhyme or substantial reason why they both do what they do, they just have an inbuilt innate drive. Discover more about Jennifer’s challenging adventure as she circumnavigates the Baltic Sea in her first book – Keep The Sea to the Right and the past 40 years of adventures of Dervla Murphy, such as in her acclaimed book – Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle.

Remarkable Women. Keep The Sea To The Right - Jennifer Tough
Keep The Sea To The Right – Jennifer Tough ©MDHarding

Juliana Buhring

Tells of the incredible record breaking journey cycling around the world, after only cycling and training for eight months. Starting from the darkest depths of depression to overcoming it through her journey, finding herself already halfway around the world and enjoying the adventure. Although there were great challenges and hardships to encounter, she had the drive and determination to continue. On one occasion the stark realisation that she may be in danger, she tells how she overcame fear. “What is the worst that can happen”? “Death”  She went on to say that death isn’t that bad and believing that there is a life after death; she would be back to have another wonderful journey.

Remarkable Women. This Road I Ride - Juliana Buhring
This Road I Ride – Juliana Buhring ©MDHarding

Mary Contini

Dear Alfonso – Full of stories about family, food, and passion. How the family came from humble beginnings in Napoli, Italy to the delicious spagbol (spaghetti bolognese).

Mary Contini - Dear Alfonso. Remarkable Women
Mary Contini – Dear Alfonso ©MDHarding

2017 has seen both courageous and remarkable women come to the forefront for their travel adventures, cycling the world and much more. The time is now, believe in yourself. Where will your next adventure lead you? Journey forth and aim high. “Aim for the moon and if you miss you will land amongst the stars” – W. Clement Stone . Happy Travels:) x

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