Reasons You Will Fall in Love With Sri Lanka

This island in the Indian Ocean is enjoying a tourism renaissance and travellers from all over the world are coming to enjoy its verdant hills, tropical beaches and intricately carved temples – not to mention the warm hospitality of the people.

Here are some of the reasons you will fall in love with Sri Lanka when you visit it.

Reasons you will fall in love with Sri Lanka

The Stunning Beaches

Whether you want to learn to surf, sunbathe with cocktail in hand or go diving in a colourful coral reef, you will find many idyllic beaches on Sri Lanka’s shores. The water is clear and warm, the sand is soft and white and the bright sunshine will melt all of your stress away. Accommodation in Sri Lanka is still very affordable, so you can find a bungalow steps from the ocean for a very reasonable price.

Reasons you will fall in love with Sri Lanka: Beach Near Galle, Sri Lanka
Beach Near Galle, Sri Lanka

The Gorgeous Landscapes

In the Central and Southern parts of Sri Lanka there are several beautiful mountains that are covered in rich emerald green forests and are highly diverse in animal and bird life. Drive to the Hill Country, where you will find crystal clear waterfalls, peaceful and shady hiking trails and tea plantations. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and drink a delicious cup of locally grown tea. Delve into the depths of Dambulla Cave, marvel at Adam’s Peak and discover all of the unique landscapes that make up Sri Lanka.

The Abundant Wildlife

Take a safari around Yala National Park and you will have a chance to see some of the amazing wildlife of the region, including elephants, water buffalo, sloth bears, flamingos, black storks, leatherback turtles and perhaps even a quiet leopard slinking through the trees. Sri Lanka is also an ideal place to experience whale watching and there are many opportunities on the Southern coast to set off on a day trip and observe these graceful, enormous beasts of the sea.

Reasons you will fall in love with Sri Lanka: Elephant in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
Elephant in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

The Fascinating History and Religion

Sri Lanka has over three millennia of written history and you can see a glimpse into the past of this land during your visit in the form of architecture and ancient ruins. It is said that the Gotama Buddha visited Sri Lanka three times, each time building more sacred temples which are considered very important to the Tamil people.

The island has been home to many kingdoms over the centuries, including Yapahuwa, Dambadeniya, Kandy, Gampola and Jaffna, as well as being occupied by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. Take the time on your trip to explore some of the fascinating historical sites, including temples and forts, which tell the story of Sri Lanka’s past.

The Delicious Food

Although Sri Lankan cuisine is similar to South Indian food, it has its own distinctive twist. The key ingredients include coconut, rice, spices and lime juice and most curries and other dishes are served with sambals, chutneys and pickled fruit and vegetables. The food here can be much spicier than most Indian food, but as a tourist you will be given the mild version of the dish – so if you want the heat make sure to ask for it!

The Friendly People

And one of the best reasons you will fall in love with Sri Lanka is the people. The Sri Lankan people are wonderful. You will notice right away that you are often greeted with large, beaming smiles everywhere you go. They are very welcoming and hospitable and if you stay with a family or in a locally run guesthouse they will make a sincere effort to make sure that you enjoy your stay.

Reasons you will fall in love with Sri Lanka: Locals getting on a bus
Locals getting on a bus

These are just a few of the reasons you will fall in love with Sri Lanka and why you must absolutely visit the country, so why not start planning your trip?

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