Reading Terminal Market Street Foods, Philadelphia

Philadelphians certainly know how to eat well. Saveur declared it America’s best sandwich city, but there’s more to the city of brotherly love than just hoagies. Its deep Italian roots, love of comfort food and diverse population certainly contributed to many of the iconic foods that define Philadelphia today. As you plan your trip, consider this list of Philadelphia must eats while visiting.  And to make it a little bit easier, I divvied it up by neighborhoods. Some of the city’s best eats are at the Reading Terminal market street foods, which are concentrated in one giant block near Center City.

Best Reading Terminal Market Street Foods in Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Market

Just follow the scents of freshly made bread, skewered meats and sautéed noodles towards Reading Terminal Market street foods; where you can shop for Amish specialties, local produce and spices that will delight any visiting foodie. Reading Terminal Market street foods are some of the best street foods in Philadelphia, which includes the sandwich the Travel Channel dubbed as the “best sandwich in America.”

Roast Pork Sandwich at Tommy DiNic’s

Roast Pork at DiNics. Philadelphia Must Eats
Roast Pork at DiNics

It’s impossible to miss the long lines surrounding Tommy DiNic’s, arguably one of the best eateries in the city. Located right smack in the middle of Reading Terminal Market, the eatery offers a handful of different sandwiches and hoagies. But if this is your first time visiting, then you ought to try the roast pork sandwich with provolone cheese and broccoli rabe. The sandwich was named the “best sandwich in America” and definitely one of the Philadelphia must eats during your trip. Ask for a knife and lots of napkins to go with it. The sandwich is large enough for sharing.

Beiler’s Donuts and Salads

Beiler's Donuts. Reading Terminal market street foods, philadelphia
Beiler’s Donuts

If you thought the queue at DiNic’s was long, you obviously haven’t passed through Beiler’s Donuts and Salads. Located towards the southern tip of the Market, Beiler’s makes freshly made and hand-rolled donuts whose recipe has been passed down several generations. Owned and operated by the same Pennsylvania Dutch family; the eatery, which offers baked goods and light lunch fare, draws some of the biggest crowds, particularly on Saturdays. Their donut offerings are mouth-watering to say the least and narrowing your choices to just a dozen will feel like a life altering decision. Thankfully, each box that contains a dozen donuts will only cost you a meager $10; so stack up on those Philadelphia must eats and you’ll definitely score big with friends and family.

Pretzels at Miller’s Twist

Pretzel Dogs at Miller's Twist. Reading Terminal market street foods, philadelphia
Pretzel Dogs at Miller’s Twist

Just like sandwiches, the soft pretzel is an iconic food staple for many Philadelphians and one of the best places to get them happens to be at Miller’s Twist. Soft and oh so buttery, these Amish-made pretzels are hand-rolled from fresh dough, baked perfectly and brushed lightly with butter. Purists will be satisfied with the original, but if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try one of their breakfast or pretzel roll-ups. Offerings such as bacon, egg and cheese, cheese steak and the traditional pretzel dog are all worth trying at least once during your stay in Philadelphia.

Ice Cream at Bassetts Ice Cream

Bassett Ice Cream. Reading Terminal market street foods
Bassett Ice Cream

What makes Bassetts Ice Cream one of the Philadelphia must eats is not just their unique offerings, but the richness and fullness of flavors in every lick or spoonful of ice cream. After all, America’s oldest ice cream company had plenty of years to perfect their methods. With over 40 flavors to choose from, then you may have to make more than just a trip here. Definitely try a classic like chocolate or vanilla with one of their seasonal flavors, like peach or eggnog during the holidays. If you’re feeling particularly sinful, go for their salted caramel milkshake. Yum! Yum!

Stuffin’ Cranberry at The Original Turkey

Stuffin' Turkey Sandwich at The Original Turkey. Reading Terminal market street foods
Stuffin’ Turkey Sandwich at The Original Turkey

If you need a break from sandwiches featuring red meat at Reading Terminal market street foods, then stop by The Original Turkey, whose menu is exclusively made up of items featuring the North American bird. Try their specialty, the Stuffin’ Cranberry, which is essentially all the Thanksgiving food that you love piled into a sandwich. It contains a classic oven-roasted turkey with home made stuffing and freshly made cranberry sauce. If you’re not quite ready for the taste of Thanksgiving; opt for the Turkey Club or the shop’s own twist to the Philly cheese steak, the Turkey Steak.

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