Quirky US Southern States Museums

Part three of our road trip to visit some of the weirdest and most unusual museums in the US continues from the central portion into the southwest portion of the country, and ending near the deserts of California. These quirky US southern states museums feature a collection of convincing conspiracy theories about alien life form, and exhibits made out of bananas.

Quirky US Southern States Museums

National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, Texas

Plan a stay in Houston because our next stop in this whirlwind road trip to see the quirky US southern states museums leads us to Texas’ largest city, Houston. On the previous list, you’ve come across at least two museums dedicated to the health sciences and medicine but the National Museum of Funeral History will take the goosebumps level even higher. Founded by funeral director Robert Waltrip in 1992, the museum aims to educate visitors about the different cultural rituals associated with honoring the dead. There’s an exhibit about the history of embalming where you can brush up on your knowledge of Egyptian mummification and one dedicated to presidential funerals complete with a full-scale recreation of President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral. Its collection is rather impressive as well, with items such as Vatican-approved pope funeral trappings, caskets in all shapes and sizes from around the globe, and funeral memorabilia from celebrities and famous individuals such as Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson on display.

Quirky US Southern States Museums: Lincoln's Replica Casket
Lincoln’s Replica Casket

UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell, New Mexico

Is the truth really out there? That continues to be the question posed by many UFO conspiracy theorists even before the popular television series the X-Files aired on the small screen. Fortunately, the UFO Museum and Research Center, located in Roswell, New Mexico might just have the answers.

In 1947, an incident involving an object that resembled nothing ever seen before crash landed in a farm nearby Roswell and was thought to have contained alien life forms. Despite the government’s multiple attempts to debunk this story, many people continue to believe as evidence shown by the collection of tapes, photographs, and videos amassed by the founders and curators of the UFO Museum and Research Center. In addition to exhibits dedicated to UFOs and alien existence, the museum also presents documentation that discusses the phenomenon of crop circles. It comes to no one’s surprise that this museum lands a spot in this list of unusual museums in the US worth visiting.

Quirky US Southern States Museums: UFO Museum, Roswell, NM
UFO Museum, Roswell, NM

International Banana Museum, Mecca, CA

The final destination in this list of unusual museums in the US worth visiting may very well describe your own sentiment: bananas. In a city just 45-minutes away from the glamorous Palm Springs, CA lie the city of Mecca where the International Banana Museum, a museum dedicated solely to bananas, debuted and has since captivated the interest of thousands of other passing tourists. Ken Bannister, the so-called “Banana Man” started his banana-related collection some 40 years previous and now has over 20, 000 items on display from banana shaped putters to various banana-themed clothing. If seeing bananas isn’t enough, you can indulge on a number of banana-flavored food items too at its in-house banana bar that serves banana splits, frozen banana ice cream, and banana flavored soda.

Quirky US Southern States Museums: Banana Memorabilia
Banana Memorabilia

Did you enjoy our road trip to the quirkiest museums in the US? Have you visited any of the attractions on these quirky US Southern States Museums? Tell us about your thoughts and experiences below.

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