A Quick Guide to Visiting Jamaica: Main Attractions and Activities

It’s no secret that the world is full of amazing destinations just waiting to be explored. For this reason, choosing the next holiday destination for you and your friends, family or significant others can be quite the challenge. One of the best locations to consider for this season is the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Explore Jamaica’s top 5 attractions and activities in this quick guide.

7 Mile Beach at Margaritaville,Jamaica's top 5 attractions
7 Mile Beach at Margaritaville: Photo on Flickr by Michael McCarthy / CC BY-ND 2.0

Jamaica’s Top 5 Attractions

Jamaica has a lot to offer on all fronts, from cultural landmarks to entertainment and beyond. According to AJamaicaExperience.com, the country is rich in tourist attractions and activities. It can be hard to experience them all in just one go, which is why you need to carefully plan out your vacation. To help you with that, here is a handy top five.

1.      Bob Marley Museum

When one thinks of reference points in Jamaican culture, there is no person more prominent in our collective consciousness than that of reggae legend Bob Marley. Therefore, the first landmark that you need to visit when you’re in the country is the Bob Marley Museum and Mausoleum.

Situated in the small town of Nine Mile, just between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, this site gives you the opportunity to witness the place where Bob Marley was born and buried. A renowned pillar of Rastafarianism and a devout freedom fighter, his spirit and teaching will forever live on, which is why paying him homage is essential when you visit Jamaica.

2.      Rose Hall Plantation

If you’re up for witnessing a darker and more mystical side of the Jamaican experience, then visiting the Rose Hall Plantation is a must. This beautiful Georgian mansion was built in the 1770s, and then subsequently renovated in 1960s. But its architectural beauty is not the only reason why this Montego Bay landmark is a must-see.

The mansion is also considered the haunting grounds of Annie Palmer, known as the White Witch of Rose Hall in popular culture. She was believed to be an avid voodoo practitioner who murdered all three of her husbands. While the story might have been debunked as fictional, the plantation is still an eerie sight to witness due to its heavy history in the slave trade.

3.      Irie Blue Hole

Irie Blue Hole
Irie Blue Hole: Photo on Flickr by Geoff Stearns / CC BY 2.0

Clear blue pools of water surrounded by luscious vegetation represent one of the most iconic images of Jamaica that the West evokes. And the Irie Blue Hole is the quintessential embodiment of that picture. What is more, TripAdvisor recommends it as one of the most exciting tourist spots in the entire land.

Situated in Ocho Rios, the landmark features picturesque waterfalls and multiple swimming spots. The jungle-like setting and atmosphere will surely add a boost of adrenaline to the entire experience. And to top it all off, the views there are some of the most breathtaking in the entire world. Thus, if you’re a landscape enthusiast, make sure to check it out.

4.      Rick’s Café

People cliff diving, Rick's Cafe, jamaica
People cliff diving at Rick’s Cafe: Photo on Flickr by Abir Anwar / CC BY 2.0

Rick’s Café is more than the iconic bar in the classic film Casablanca starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. It is one of the most iconic pubs in Jamaica, situated in the coastal town of Negril. Besides offering you a taste of authentic Jamaican cuisine and traditional rum cocktails, it is also one of the hottest spots for adrenaline junkies.

The establishment is situated on top of a 35-foot cliff. Thus, when you’re not munching on jerk chicken or drinking some rum cream; you can dive straight into the Caribbean Sea. This makes it the ideal location for anyone. Regardless of whether you want a bit of adventure, or you simply want to enjoy the sunset over a delicious meal; Rick’s Café is the place to be.

5.      Boston Bay Beach

Last, but certainly not least, Jamaica is popular for its stunning white beaches surrounding by crystalline waves. There are plenty to choose from too, which makes it the perfect destination for anyone who is a fan of seaside holidays. Due to this, picking out just one location in this category was a rather complicated task.

But, in the end, we’d have to go with Boston Bay Beach. Although it is the birthplace of jerk cuisine, it isn’t too crowded by tourist or obnoxious vendors. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to catch some sun and live the true Caribbean experience. And the hotels are affordable as well, which is an added perk of the area.

Final Thoughts

From museums and plantations to crystal clear waterfalls and white beaches, Jamaica has it all. And when you’re tired of sigh-seeing, sunbathing or swimming, you can also relax in a scenic restaurant and watch the beautiful sunset over a delicious plate of jerk chicken and a creamy rum cocktail.

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