Quest for America’s Best Tacos on the East Coast

The complexity of flavors you can create in a taco rivals that of beef bourguignon. America has been in a taco craze for several years now and restaurateurs everywhere in the country just keep getting better and better. My quest for the best tacos on the east coast began on the east coast – in the city many consider the best place to eat, New York.

Quest for America’s Best Tacos on the East Coast

New York City

Los Tacos No.1

Los Tacos,Best Tacos on the East Coast,usa,america,new york city
Los Tacos No.1

This Chelsea Market taco stand makes some of the best tacos on the east coast. The flavors are traditional, with fillings such as pollo asado and carne asada, sprinkled only with cilantro, chopped raw white onions and lime juice. The best option on this limited menu however is the signature adobada, also known as al pastor. This taco contains moist slices of red chile-marinated pork that is both salty and sweet. If you’re a vegetarian, your options at Los Tacos No. 1 is limited to the nopal, a taco with grilled cactus, or bean and cheese.

La Morada

la morada,Best Tacos on the East Coast,usa,america,new york city
La Morada

Way up in the Bronx is an unassuming Mexican restaurant specializing in Oaxacan cuisine called La Morada. Any eatery deemed excellent by some of the toughest food critics in the city is worth trying; and it certainly was worth every hassle. You’ll find nothing fancy here and those who are attempting a meatless diet will rejoice with plenty of items to choose from. Mole is a must order but definitely try an order of their legendary bistec asado as an appetizer. It’s undoubtedly one of the best tacos on the east coast.


Hankook Taqueria

hankook tacos,Best Tacos on the East Coast,usa,america,atlanta
Hankook Tacos

Completely unexpected but utterly delicious is what many will say about Hankook Taqueria. If you’re expecting the traditional flavors here, think again. This Korean joint however, offers tacos filled with deliciously flavorful beef (bulgogi) or pulled pork (dae ji gogi). There’s also a fish, shrimp or calamari option if you’re looking for something other than meat.

El Rey Del Taco

El Rey del Tacos,Best Tacos on the East Coast,usa,america,atlanta
El Rey Tacos

In Atlanta’s northeast corner, plenty of ethnic eats can be found and one of the best ones is this 24-hour Mexican diner, El Rey Del Taco. If you’ve got taco cravings at night or simply looking for inexpensive but good Mexican eats, take your rental car and head on over to this taqueria. You’ll find all the classics here, including lengua (beef tongue) and beef cheek.


My Ceviche

my ceviche,Best Tacos on the East Coast,usa,america,miami
My Ceviche

This Miami staple now has six locations in the city. Though My Ceviche specializes in the Latin American seafood dish, many would agree that it also serves some of the best tacos on the east coast. Your options include blackened fish, grilled shrimp or even charred octopus. Order two and you get complimentary lime-spiced chips with your order.

The Lucky Taco

lucky taco,,Best Tacos on the East Coast,usa,america,miami,florida
Lucky Taco

For several years now, this small taqueria within the Redland Market Village has been serving authentic and delicious al pastor tacos. Located about 30 miles southwest of downtown Miami, invite some friends and take your rental car on a Sunday at Redlands for some of the best tacos on the east coast. While you’re there, shop for all things Central American as well.

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