A guide to Queenstown Airport

Surrounded by rugged mountain ranges and deep blue waters, Queenstown Airport is one of the world’s most scenic airports. Fortunately for its visitors, this isn’t where the benefits of flying to Queenstown end. The airport provides a number of invaluable services that help the airport make your trip as painless as possible, and was even voted to have the Most Stunning Runway 2015 for its incredible views.

Queenstown Airport Guide
Queenstown Airport: Image on Flickr by Gwydion M. Williams / CC BY 2.0

Queenstown Airport Guide


Queenstown Airport offers a number of cafes that serve up delicious and authentic New Zealand meals. If you feel like a drink to ease the flying nerves, Airspresso Café & Bar provides a diverse à la carte menu and a fully licensed bar, with take-away options if you’re in a rush, while Patagonia Café is where to head if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth. Start your visit with handmade chocolates, or indulge in a range of savoury treats.

Queenstown Airport Guide: Airspresso Cafe, Queenstown Airport: Photo on Flickr by masa osada / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Airspresso Cafe, Queenstown Airport: Photo on Flickr by masa osada / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Travelling can often be uncomfortable, especially if it’s to an unfamiliar place. Queenstown Airport provides a free parents room, fitted out with everything from microwaves to toys to help families during their trip. Public telephones are located opposite the airport information desk and visitors can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the whole airport. If you’ll be at the airport for a while, you can store your bags for as little as $6 at the airport’s storage lockers.

Queenstown Airport Guide: Inside Queenstown Airport
Inside Queenstown Airport. Image Credit: Missbossy / CC BY 2.0

Shopping & Entertainment

There are a number of activities to help occupy those long waits at the airport. Aelia Duty Free is your one stop shop for duty free shopping, with items from liquor to electronics on offer. If you’re pressed for time, Aelia offers pre-ordering for up to 6 months before your flight. If you need a last minute gift for a loved one or simply fancy something for yourself, Global Culture sells a number of uniquely New Zealand items that help support the country’s artists and are unique to New Zealand culture.

Kiwi Sheep Argyle Sweater Queenstown Airport
Kiwi/Sheep Argyle Sweater for sale at Queenstown Airport: Photo on Flickr by Lexinatrix / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Queenstown Airport is just 7km away from the bustling centre of Queenstown. It’s a convenient 10 minute drive along the highway, but a bus is often even quicker. The Connectabus comes the most frequently of the airport’s three public transport buses, and runs every 15 minutes. If you’re travelling from Queenstown, there’s a Parking Cost Calculator to help you work out how much your parking will be. Otherwise, the taxi rank has a quick turnaround of cabs and can be an easier option for many.

A plane on the runway at Queenstown Airport
A plane on the runway at Queenstown Airport: Image on Flickr by Big Blue Ocean / CC BY-SA 2.0

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