How to Prevent Common Travel Disasters

We have all been there – your textbook mishaps and nuisances on a trip to somewhere supposedly nice. It seems like you need to pay karma before you have a good time. It is almost a rule of thumb something will go wrong on the road; and it seems like it is impossible to stop it. In order to increase your chances of a “smooth ride”; let us discuss the most common travel disasters and how to prevent them.

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Tips on Avoiding Common Travel Disasters

Lost documents

This is probably the worst among the most common travel disasters that can happen to you. If you lose your passport in the middle of the trip, on foreign country soil, the key thing is to act immediately. Contact the police and find out where the closest embassy is located.

Sometimes, you will have to cross quite a distance to get to your embassy; but it is crucial to do it no matter what. Once there, you will have to apply for an emergency passport which is valid for a limited amount of time. Unfortunately, this means you will have to cut your travel short and return home.

In the case this happens, always carry a small package with elements needed to create an emergency passport – a photo of the appropriate size, ID and/or copy of the ID, proof of citizenship (birth certificate will do), and travel itinerary with the obligatory copies of plain and train tickets. Additionally, make a copy of your passport and store it on a USB flash drive.

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Lost luggage

Technically, lost luggage is not as bad as lost documents, but it is just as frustrating. We tend to become attached to our personal belongings and clothes; and losing a whole lot in one go can be downright traumatic. There are several common scenarios; either the airline has lost it or you have forgotten it in a hotel room or a bus.

This is why it is important to always have your baggage claim ticket with you. Once it has been handed to you, put it in your wallet and do not take it out until the time comes to reclaim your suitcase. This way you will not only make sure the ticket is safe; it will be highly unlikely you will forget about the luggage; and you will be reminded of it every time you open your wallet.

Most airlines, travel agencies and hotels will put your luggage aside in the case something is left over, so giving them a call will often yield good results. Just in case, snap a few photos of your luggage so you can show them to the necessary people for quicker recovery. On top of this, here is the golden rule that needs to be repeated every once in a while – never ever pack anything excessively valuable in your suitcase!

Technical obstacles

There are several technical things that can go wrong as far as vehicles are concerned. The lightest form of this are flight delays due to bad weather or traffic jams on the road. If you have by any chance missed your flight, go to the airline’s desk immediately and they will probably get you on the next flight out. There is a high probability you will have to pay up for the new flight, so always have your card prepped with you.

As far as technical problems and malfunctions with the planes go, the airline will probably reschedule you for free. Be that as it may, arm yourself with patience. Have a good book on you all the time. You can also play some casual games on your tablet or mobile to pass the time quickly.

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If the car breaks down on the road, contact a reliable and efficient agency for towing in Sydney. Make sure you have a number of the rent-a-car agency with numerous outposts on speed dial so you can resume your trip as quickly as possible.

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The world is a place filled with an unpredictable chain of events that are more likely to cross your path when you are on the road. The trick is not to let them creep up on you and accept each situation as they come. If you do everything in your power to prepare thoroughly for the trip and with the most common travel disasters on mind, everything else is simply not in your control. If situations become too frustrating, just keep your “eyes on the prize” and think about the destination.

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