How to Prepare for Your Australian Outback Travel

Australia is one of the most intriguing countries to explore, with the most amazing nature and wildlife. There is a lot to see and visit, but also a lot to be cautious about. Australia’s Outback isn’t one particular geographical place you just go to. It is all of the vast, uninhabited and wild inland parts of Australia. It’s mostly represented by desert regions in the Northern Territory, spreading over much of Northern and Western Australia. Here’s how you should prepare for your Australian Outback travel if you decide to go. 

view of the australian outback at Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory
Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory: Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash

Essential Tips on Planning Your Perfect Australian Outback Travel

Plan the route first

Don’t even think about just going down the road to see where it takes you. Planning the route in advance is a must. If possible, get some help from someone who has already visited the Outback. It’s not a rare thing to get lost on your route, so you better make sure to tell someone where you’re heading. By planning your route in advance you can be sure you will visit some very special places such as Uluru or Alice Springs Desert Park.

Alice Springs in summer. Australian Outback travel
Alice Springs in summer

Desert-proof yourself

If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to prepare yourself. The desert is dark and full of terrors. Regarding clothing, be prepared to have only a few pieces of everything and hand-wash when it’s needed. The major wardrobe advice would be to have something for all temperatures. One pair of shorts, a couple of tees, as well as a warm pair of pants and a long sleeve thermal.

As for footwear, go with comfort and safety. Remember, the desert is home to many venomous creatures, such as snakes, scorpions, bugs and spiders. A pair of quality Australian outback boots will keep you from stepping on any trouble.

Australian Landscape. Australian Outback travel
Australian Landscape near Canberra

Backpack the essentials

Backpacking requires all the essentials wisely chosen and packed on your back. It’s all fun and games until you need to drag it all the way across the desert. So choose your priorities. Here is a short list of items you will definitely be needing on your trip through the Outback:

One piece of warm clothing and one piece of light clothing

Depending on the time of year, evenings and mornings tend to be very chilly here, so having a warm sweater couldn’t hurt. Maybe even more useful than a sweater is a cotton scarf or a sarong. A sarong has multiple purposes other than clothing, such as protection from the sun or serving as a pillow, and it can be of great help on a trip like this.

Quality sunglasses

The dessert is no place to be concerned about fashion and style. A good quality pair of glasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Bring a spare, because you never know.

A view of the red rock of Uluru with blue sky and white tracer shaped clouds, Australian Outback travel
Uluru in the northern Territory (Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash)


Whether you tan easily or burn more often than not, sunscreen is a must on this journey. The desert sun is intense and there is no place to hide. You will need to pay special attention to places like the back of your knees and tips of your ears. Reapply every couple of hours if you don’t want this trip to be ruined by sunburns and blisters.

River and cliffs. Australian Outback travel
Outback Australia

Spare battery

We all have our favorite gadgets. For some of us it’s our phone, for others it’s their camera, music player or headlamp. You will need an extra battery (or two) for whichever one you can’t imagine being without.

Tree with blood moon in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Australian Outback travel
Blood Moon in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (Photo by Melanie Dretvic on Unsplash)

Expect some company

Desert wildlife can be quite enjoyable, but you need to be prepared for what and who you may run into during your Australian Outback travel. While kangaroos and camels may seem cute and nice to bump into, they are not very friendly. On the contrary, kangaroos can be very aggressive. On the other hand, dingoes, who are an obvious threat, are hiding in the bushes during the day, so keep away from shady areas.

an adult and a juvenile kangaroo, which may be encountered during your australian outback travel
You may see kangaroos in Australia

And off you go! Let’s hope some of these tips will keep you safe during the greatest Australian Outback travel adventure of your life.

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