Preparation Is Half the Battle: Tips for a Successful Business Trip

Traveling always throws up some challenges and unpleasant surprises. If these happen on business trips, besides being nuisances, they can jeopardize someone’s job position, project or deal. Although some of these situations cannot be predicted, most of the troublesome circumstances can be prevented if you plan the trip in detail and prepare for various potential outcomes. To make sure every one of your business trips from now on is a success, here are a few foolproof tips for a successful business trip to follow.

Carry what you can carry-on

Business trips are always pretty stressful, and a big contributing factor is worrying about carrying large suitcases and even worse, losing your luggage. Since business trips usually last only a couple of days, you probably won’t even need much luggage. So, check the weather reports for your destination, pack only the clothes you need and you can buy travel-size personal hygiene products once you’re there. If you bring only a carry-on, you can check in online and you won’t have to wait for baggage when you land.

Join a rewards program

Preparation Is Half the Battle: Tips for a Successful Business Trip

If business trips are something you do on a regular basis, you should consider joining a rewards program for an airline, a hotel and rental-car company, which will bring you not only discounts, but also staff that is more willing to help you and meet your demands. Members of loyalty programs often get priority hotel rooms, early boarding on flights and other perks.

Maximum charge – maximum preparation

There is nothing more annoying than an empty phone battery the moment you land. To avoid that, you should fully charge your phone, laptop and tablet (and powerbank) the night before your trip. Make sure you pack everything in your carry-on before you go to the airport.

Only pack essentials

What are the things you can’t live without? Perhaps you love reading a book before going to sleep, and this helps you feel relaxed. Maybe you just hate drinking coffee out of a plastic or paper cup. In that case, you should know that there are excellent personalised travel mugs which can also serve as promotional material for your business.

Preparation Is Half the Battle: Tips for a Successful Business Trip

Find your jetlag cure

There is no magic pill that cures jetlag, but everyone has their own reactions to time zone differences. After a few times, you will figure out how your body acts and you will more or less know what you need to do in order to avoid it affecting your work performance and focus. For some people, that means taking late night flights and sleeping through them, while for others it means staying well hydrated or taking medicine or Melatonin.

Take the earlier flight

If you time your flight in a way that allows you to have enough time only to check into the hotel and go to a business meeting straight away, you may encounter many unpleasant surprises, such as flight delays or traffic jams and risk being late for the important meeting. That’s why it is better to book a flight which allows you to have extra time, just in case.

Book everything in advance

If you are in charge of booking the flights and accommodation, you should do so in advance. Be sure to acquire written confirmations of all reservations. This especially goes for check-in and check-out dates, to avoid any boarding problems. If you are not a member of a rewards program of an airline or a hotel, you should search around for deals and compare prices. Use the day before your trip to confirm your accommodation.

Preparation Is Half the Battle: Tips for a Successful Business Trip

Stay connected

Even though you have stayed at some hotel many times or dined at a restaurant more times than you can count, troubles with Wi-Fi can happen, and they can leave you disconnected when you need to send an important e-mail or make a conference call. This is why you should always have a portable wireless internet device with you.

Get good travel insurance

The last thing you need on a business trip that you want to be a success is getting sick or getting into an accident. However, these things happen, and you need to be prepared for them.

Good travel insurance should cover everything from a minor stomach infection to more serious injuries and conditions, and ensure you medical assistance in the country you’re traveling to.

Preparation Is Half the Battle: Tips for a Successful Business Trip

Stay hydrated and mind your diet

Business events, meetings, seminars and conferences can last for hours and include a lot of unhealthy food and alcohol. Compound all that with jetlag, and you’ll see just how easily you can get dehydrated and consequently, fatigued and unfocused. Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you. Also, stay away from overly spicy and fried food. Eat as healthy as you can.

These tips for a successful business trip should help you avoid any potential troubles and remain rested and focused throughout your trip.

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