Prague Tourist Destinations: The Highlights Of My Trip

Those who have read my posts before will know that I have wanted to visit Prague for, well, forever. And thanks to having a best friend who is Czech, this summer I finally got the chance to do so. I spent nearly a week travelling between the Rousínov/Habrovany village region, Brno, the second-largest Czech city, and of course, Praha, the country’s charming capital. It’s safe to say that it did not disappoint. Prague’s gothic/baroque charm and fascinating history has drawn me to it for years; and it will definitely keep me coming back to Prague tourist destinations. Here are some of my Prague trip highlights.

Charles Bridge, Prague
Charles Bridge, Prague: Photo on Flickr by Vera Izrailit / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Prague Tourist Destinations and Things to Do

Jewish Museum & Cemetery

The first day in Prague I visited the Jewish Museum and Cemetery, full of heart-wrenching reminders of the barbarity of the Holocaust. Tickets cost 220 Czech Crowns (about £7) which gives visitors access to the museum and cemetery, along with various historical synagogues throughout the city. Upon walking into the museum, visitors instantly come face-to-face with a wall inscribed with the names of Holocaust victims from Czechoslovakia. The names cover every inch of each wall around the museum, and it’s a harrowing reminder of just how much the Czechoslovakians suffered. There are 80,000 names in total.

In the museum is a room full of children’s drawings that were found stored in a suitcase at the Terezín ghetto, which gives a painful insight into how terrifying life must have been back then, even for children so young.

Attached to the museum is a Jewish cemetery. In fact, it’s one of the oldest surviving Jewish burial grounds in the world. For me, it was instantly apparent how uneven and crowded it is for such a small cemetery. The unpleasant reason for this is because, in some places, up to twelve coffins have been stacked on top of one another. The oldest Jewish grave there dates back to the 1400’s, and the last burial took place there in the 18th century; there are 12,000 tombstones in total. Even if you’re spending just a few hours in Prague, this one is a must-do.

The Jewish cemetery. Prague Tourist Destinations
The Jewish cemetery

Astronomical Clock Tower

This is probably one the most recognisable Prague tourist destinations. In action since 1410, this fascinating medieval clock is the oldest one in the world still operating. It chimes on the hour, and out pop fascinating little wooden statues which date back to the 1600’s. The sound of the bell is haunting; and it’s easy to see why such a large crowd gathers beneath the tower to hear it for themselves. The tower was under construction during my trip, so I couldn’t see it in all its glory. Nevertheless, it was still fascinating.

Prague Tourist Destinations. The clock
The clock

The Prague Nightlife

After a day spent exploring the Jewish museum, cemetery and the centre of the city, me and Michaela retreated back to our Air B&B for a bit of a rest. Our room was in a huge mansion-like building just outside the centre; and it’s safe to say that it was a little creepy. We got ready after getting over the weird fact that the shower was in the kitchen; and took an Uber to a bar called Follow Me. The cocktails were amazing, and it was the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a drink (or five) before heading to an actual club.

We went to a club called Roxy, which had a gigantic multi-storey interior and a huge dancefloor. It sounds corny but I’ve always wanted to experience that whole ‘Eurodance’ vibe that you can only really find in central Europe, and that’s exactly what I found here. Drinks weren’t too pricey, the dance music was some of the very best, and I was just so happy to be in Prague (finally!) All that made a good combination for a great night out.

Prague Tourist Destinations
Classic club mirror selfie

Charles Bridge

Because which trip to Prague is complete without a visit to Charles Bridge? The construction of this other-worldly monument began in 1357 under the rule of King Charles IV; and finished at the beginning of the 15th century. Crowded with tourists and stall-holders selling artwork of Charles Bridge and the rest of Prague; the bridge provides an awe-inspiring view of the city and the Vltava River. Lining the bridge is a breath-taking array of statues, the significantly older ones spookily blackened in colour. Next time I visit Prague tourist destinations; I’m definitely going to head to the bridge early in the morning to escape the hustle and bustle and truly appreciate the bridge (and the view!) in all its glory.

Prague Tourist Destinations
I’ll be seeing you soon, Praha.

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