Why Porthmadog Seaside Town Is A Must Visit

North Wales is blessed by some well-known and much loved holiday destinations. But it’s also rich in locations that are still relatively “unspoilt”, despite their popularity.

One such place is the pretty port town of Porthmadog, sometimes referred to as Portmadoc in English and “Port” if you’re a local.

Perfectly situated primarily within the magnificent Snowdonia National Park, it’s also astride the Cambrian Coastline. Undoubtedly, Porthmadog seaside town’s greatest triumph is its ability to satisfy both the most ardent climber and family groups looking for traditional bucket and spade breaks.

Why Porthmadog Seaside Town Is a must visit?

Black Rock: Not Just Any Welsh Beach

Porthmadog Seaside Town, black Rock beach

Just outside the town centre, you will find Black Rock Sands; the sort of place that is “once visited, never forgotten”. This large stretch of beach is equally attractive for picnics and group games, or long solitary walks.

You could sit here peacefully for hours, watching the tide and the many local bird species and soaking up the iconic views across the sea to the southern Snowdonia mountains.

Do you fancy a spot of beach combing, or exploring the local flora and fauna? Black Rock Sands carries the status of Special Scientific Interest, so clearly offers a treasure trove of discoveries.

Author T. E Lawrence (who wrote Lawrence of Arabia) lived nearby and the poet Shelley is also believed to have been a devotee of this Porthmadog beach.

Other Seaside Splendours

Porthmadog Seaside Town, castle, farmhouse

Porthmadog has more seaside to offer than the stunning Black Rock. Within a short distance of the port are more fabulous beaches!

Morfa Bychan Beach is another excellent place for walking, exploration or relaxing.

Leave time to visit some of the lesser known coastal gems around here too, such as the Borth-y-Gest beaches. They are more of a challenge to get to from Porthmadog, but well worth it if you love the quiet splendour of unspoilt bays and coves. They are also a vantage point for lovely views across the estuary to Portmeirion.

Maritime Heritage

Porthmadog has a rich maritime heritage thanks to its busy harbour. It once played a pivotal role in the Welsh grey slate trade. Why not pop in to see the well-curated Maritime Museum in Porthmadog?

Exploring the high street

If you prefer your retail therapy to be full of character, including local craft shops, then the high street and byways of Porthmadog will be most appealing. A visit to the Y Ganolfan Arts Centre in the town will also show how artistic local folk are.

And as you would expect in Wales, where food and affection are closely linked, there are plenty of relaxing cafes to visit for local specialities.

Tourist Attractions For All Interests

Porthmadog Seaside Town, Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways,Wales

Though Porthmadog is a joy for seaside holidays and short breaks; you won’t be short of other diversions and fun activities too.

For many regular visitors, the biggest draw is the wonderful Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways and the Welsh Highland Heritage Railways. However, as this is so close to some of Wales’ wildest countryside; you could opt for a more up to date form of transport, with a quad bike excursion.

If you prefer to relax with a pint in your hands, then don’t miss out on a visit to the Purple Moose Brewery. You can sample brews and distillations from the team there, but also other small producers from around Wales.

Picture Perfect

Borth y Gest, Porthmadog, Snowdonia, Wales
Borth y Gest near Porthmadog in Snowdonia: Photo on Flickr by James Whitesmith / CC BY-ND 2.0

Porthmadog’s magnificent backdrop and fascinating town are a photographer’s dream. Particularly as the interplay of light and natural beauty can change from season to season, and even from day to day.

One thing that remains consistent is the warmth of the welcome in this Welsh seaside town. You will find friendly B&B accommodation, offering fabulous local food and helpful information about Porthmadog seaside town and its many attractions.

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