The colourful port of Nassau, Bahamas

The Caribbean island of the Bahamas with its white sandy beaches and palm trees has lots to offer.  Some of its most famous residents include Rihanna, Sir Sean Connery and Blackbeard!

Port of Nassau, Bahamas

The Port of Nassau in the Bahamas not only inhabits one James Bond but has been the back drop for some of the James Bond movies including “Never Say Never Again” and one of the latest “Casino Royale”.

Port of Nassau: The pink colonial architecture of Nassau, Bahamas.
The pink colonial architecture of Nassau, Bahamas.

The colourful pink colonial architecture in Parliament square was first constructed in 1700’s by loyalists who came from North Carolina.

Government House dates back to 1737, subsequently destroyed in 1929 and then re-built in 1932.  The interior at the Government House remains the same since its decoration by the Duchess of Windsor between 1940 – 1945.

The ships dock at Prince George Wharf  in the busy port of Nassau which is within walking distance of the main downtown area.  Here you can find many duty free stores including perfume and cafe’s etc.  as well as the main shops there is the local straw market with an array of colourful  handmade straw hats and bags.

Fort Charlotte & Fort Fincastle

Both offering great views over Nassau.  Fort Charlotte was first built in 1697 and had a long history for almost 200 years until demolished in 1897.  Covering 100 acres it is one of the largest with 42 cannons.  Fort Fincastle was built by the first English settlers in 1789 to defend from the pirates and Spaniards. Don’t miss the climb up the water tower!

Port of Nassau: Views from the water tower, Fort Fincastle, Nassau, Bahamas.
Views from the water tower, Fincastle Fort, Nassau, Bahamas.

Pirates of Nassau Museum

Located in downtown Nassau, take this interactive tour on the history of piracy.  Board the replica pirate ship “Revenge”.  the Port of Nassau was at the heart of piracy for 30 years from 1690 to 1720.  It was a pirates heaven due to its shallow shores which accommodated there fast shallow draft vessels.  A short distance away is Blackbeard’s Tower which is said to have been home to Edward Teach (or also known as Edward Thatch) in the 17th century. It is said that at one time there were over 1000 pirates inhabiting the Port of Nassau more than local inhabitants.

Paradise Island and Atlantis

Port of Nassau: Visit the resort of Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas.
The resort of Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

The resort of Atlantis you can find a whole other world built around the lost underwater world of Atlantis.  The pink dream like architecture of the resort  and the decadence of the over hanging glass chandeliers in the main buildings are a sight to see.  While walking through the tunnels of the aquarium you can observe the sharks up close!  The water flumes come cascading through temples and shark infested waters.  Don’t miss the Piranha pits and the scurry at feeding time.  Inside you can have a flutter at the abundance of gaming tables and slot machines.

Blue Lagoon

Go and meet the real Flipper at the Blue Lagoon and experience interacting with the dolphins up close.  There are various options available including swimming with the Dolphins or standing in the pool.  Which ever package you decide to do it is a life changing experience viewing these wonderful mammals up close.

As well as all this you can explore and enjoy other trips including a submarine trip, fishing, golf and powerboat trips.

One of the best beaches to visit is Cable beach located just a few minutes walk from the main down town area also known as the hotel district of the port of Nassau.

If you are looking for something to eat in between trips I can highly recommend the Greek “Athena Café”  and for something more traditional Creole dishes are available at the “Skans Café” on Bay Street.

If visiting between December 26th and January 1st don’t miss the celebrations of the Junkanoo Festival.  First celebrated in the 16th/17th century to celebrate the temporary freedom given to slaves.  Named after the founder John Kanoo.  See the colourful costumes along with the musical accompaniment of bells, drums and whistles.  Don’t worry if not visiting during this time there is a Junkanoo Museum with its history and elaborate costumes.

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