Port Douglas Holidays: Travellers Guide

Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia is a famous tourist destination you can visit with your family members. There are enough accommodation facilities for you to feel at home. Different people will enjoy spending time at various tourist attraction sites. The destination offers a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy your time. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination, Port Douglas holidays can serve you well.

Here are a few things Port Douglas has to offer.

Port Douglas Holidays: Travellers Guide

Port Douglas holidays travellers guide
Port Douglas. murray_francis on Flickr/ CC BY-NC 2.0

1. Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas

There are several native animals at Port Douglas. Also, several enclosures which mimic the natural environment of different animals. You can move as close as possible to native animals such as kangaroos, koalas, cassowaries, and crocs. There are several outlets where you can buy tickets for guided tours for you to enjoy the natural animals at the destination.

Wildlife Habitat, Port Douglas
Wildlife Habitat, Port Douglas. Jochen Bullerjahn on Flickr/ CC BY-NC 2.0

2. Visit the Forest for Sightseeing

The forest is full of activities. At the forest, you will have an opportunity to enjoy gourmet cuisine among other activities of the native people. If you like to learn more about the natives, the place offers the best chance for you to do so.

3. Port Douglas Yacht Club

You can attend the yacht club for you to enjoy native dishes. There are several activities you can do at the yacht club. It offers the best opportunity for you to interact with the citizens. You can as well make many friends at the tourist destination.

4.Tour to the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef has lots of things you can do. You can spend time scuba diving, snorkeling or even admiring the beauty of the place. There are several travel tours to the destination which you can take advantage and enjoy your time while at the reef. You can take a boat and visit multiple sites in the Port Douglas holidays tourist destination.

Great Barrier Reef: port douglas holidays
Great Barrier Reef. Lock the Gate Alliance on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

5. Enjoy Trinity Bay Lookout

If you love marine life, the Trinity Bay lookout offers you the best opportunity to see the Coral Sea and nearby coral cays. The scene is a great attraction for tourist; you will find many people at the destination enjoying the beauty of the place.

6. Visit Mocka’s Pies

You need to eat while on your tourist destination. You will have to eat what the locals eat so that you will enjoy your stay at the destination. Some of the great dishes you can eat at the destination include crocodile, Barra and kangaroo meat.

Mocka's Pies, port douglas holidays
Mocka’s Pies. Jeremy Johnson on Flickr / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

7. The Beach Shack

This is a place to eat with your loved ones. You will access a wide variety of dishes from the locals. Some of the great cuisines served include grilled and roast veggies, and goat’s cheese. It is a place worth visiting if you would like to enjoy great outdoors while on your Port Douglas holidays or vacation.

8. Four Mile Beach

Many people love spending their time at the beach; you will have the opportunity to interact with different people while walking on the long beaches. There are several places where you can stop by and swim with your loved ones while enjoying the cool breeze at the beach. The destination offers great beaches which will make you enjoy your stay at the destination.

Four Mile Beach. Port Douglas
Four Mile Beach. r reeve on Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

9. Ride Four Mile Beach

At the beach, you can decide to take a bike and ride. Several people prefer riding along the beach. You can rent a bike and have fun with your loved ones competing in a bike ride along the beautiful beach. Port Douglas has sandy beaches where you will have a lot of fun riding with your loved ones.

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