What to do when you first land in Iceland?

By being one of the most scenic countries in Europe, Iceland is a terrific place to start your trip! It’s full of incredible sights to see and exquisite activities to do. Listed below are the most popular Iceland activities for first time visitors should opt for when they land in Iceland.

Popular Iceland Activities

If you love tranquil and transparent waters, then you’re in for a treat. If you admire snowy slopes and marvellous mountains, then you’re in for a bigger treat! This European hotspot is becoming one of the most talked about destinations of the year and here’s why…..

Popular Iceland Activities for First Time Visitors

Snorkel through Tectonic Plates

Sounds pretty awesome right? That’s because it is! How often can you tell people that you snorkelled through tectonic plates? For your first visit to Iceland, you may want to opt for this once in a lifetime opportunity. In the Thingvellir National Park, you can swim between two tectonic plates. This is the ONLY place in the world right now where you can do this. Due to the effects of global warming, the plates are slowly pulling apart. The huge gap is currently being filled by like-minded tourists who want to take part in this surreal experience. With clear water, Thingvellir offers a superb snorkel and diving spot!

Snorkelling in the Silfra Tectonic Rift near Thingvellir, Iceland
Snorkelling in the Silfra Tectonic Rift near Thingvellir: Photo Pete Ashton / CC BY-NC 2.0

Hike around the Glaciers

Glacier hiking is one of the most popular Iceland activities you must try! Iceland provides a selection of astounding locations and many tourists recommend the Sólheimajökull Glacier. It’s an activity for those who LOVE to explore. As the snow crunches below your boots, you’ll breathe in the fresh Icelandic air. Nothing beats pure air without pollution! Unfortunately, we often get wrapped up in our 9-5 lives and forget to treat our lungs to a purifying detox. It helps to exercise and walk around the landscape as it is beneficial for you and your health. Going to the glaciers will make you realise their sheer beauty and enormous structure. It would be a great hike for any first timer to Iceland!

winter, Popular Iceland Activities
Iceland in Winter

Sail the Sea

Leave the land and sail the Icelandic sea! If you don’t fancy a trip on the shores, you can view the country via its waves. The great thing about that is you have access to so many hidden wonders of the ocean. You can watch whales on Arctic Cruises and you can witness gargantuan glaciers up close. It’s as if you’re experiencing a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Iceland. Many first time visitors don’t get the chance to float around the country by boat, yet if you do, it’s definitely worth doing! In fact, you could hop on a cruise for your first trip and let their ship take you around the icy waters. Remember to take your hat and gloves as it may get a little chilly….

Cruise sightseeing. Popular Iceland Activities

Dive into the Blue Lagoon

Perhaps one of the most famous places in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon awaits. This is a MUST see on your first trip to Iceland! The lagoon’s aquamarine waters are perfect for chilling in. As it is a geothermal spa, it’s naturally heated by lava fields. The black boulders which surround the pool are volcanic and add an engaging essence to your experience. A day here would equate to a year’s worth of relaxation. There are options to lie back in the lagoon and have luxury treatment. For instance, algae face masks and skin-boosting treatments are on offer. Yet, they will come at an added price. Dive into the Blue Lagoon and let your troubles float away…

Blue Lagoon Hot Springs, Swimming in Icelandic Lagoon. Popular Iceland Activities
Blue Lagoon Hot Springs

Take a stroll through Thingvellir

Thingvellir National Park will take your breath away! You can choose how to view the snowy wilderness, either by car or by foot. There are coach tours that can take you to this park, yet it may be wise to go in your own time so that you can view the sunrise. Nestled within the national park are long clear lakes and gorgeous greenery. If you do decide to take the car, please be warned that Iceland lives up to its name and the roads do get icy! Therefore, ensure your car contains the right equipment in case of any hazardous emergencies. Despite the ice, it’s an inspiring sight to see. There’s even an opportunity to witness where the Vikings set up their first ever parliament! It’s hidden within the park…

Thingvellir landscape,mountain stream. Popular Iceland Activities for first time vitors
Thingvellir landscape

Dine at a Deco Bar

Icelandic Art Deco bars are known to be very funky and sleek with their design. Alcohol may be a little bit expensive so hunt for happy hours! The signature drink in Iceland is Brennivin; the Icelandic Magazine outlines what the spirit is. Described as the ‘Black Death’, the drink got its name from being spicy and having a ruthless kick for those who taste it.  It has been consumed since the 15th century and became very popular in Iceland during the 1980’s. If you’re feeling the cold, it may be best to settle down in a cosy bar and warm yourself up by the fire. You may also fancy a sip of the Icelandic spirit too…

Relax at bar. Popular Iceland Activities

High-Speed Snowmobile

Hire a snowmobile and whizz through Iceland’s icy landscape. For all you thrill seekers out there, this may be the highlight of your first trip. Popular Iceland activities are adventurous and bursting with energy. You’ll feel free and wild in the vast snowy slopes and feel miles away from reality. It’s the best way to let off some steam and wipe away any stress you’ve been feeling. There are many specialist drivers in Iceland who are ready to collect you and whisk you away to the high Icelandic mountains. Of course, you’ll be equipped with lots of safety gear such as a snowsuit and helmet. Try to remain focused on the snowmobile and try not to get too distracted by your stunning surroundings!

There are just so many popular Iceland activities for first time visitors to do! If you’ve been inspired by Iceland, what was your favourite part?

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