5 Reasons Why the Caribbean is the Most Popular Cruise Destination in the World

Over a third of all cruise trips around the world go to the Caribbean. What’s the secret to popularity of the islands? It’s not all hype; a vacation in the Caribbean is the real deal. We’ve drawn up 5 reasons why you should pack your bags and hop off to the Caribbean. See why everyone loves to go on a Caribbean cruise holiday.

5 Reasons Why the Caribbean Cruise Holiday is the Best

Surreal Scenery

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful scenery with palm trees, beaches of white sand and crystal blue water; Paradise huh? Yeah right! The Caribbean is a wonderful place to spend some days in paradise and completely forget about home. The weather is usually not too hot, nor does it ever get colder than 20° C / 68° F. Plus, the palm trees are perfect for hanging up a hammock and snooze. Can it get any better? (not really)

Caribbean cruise holiday

Dive into a new world

Do you enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling or simply enjoy swimming in the ocean? Then the Caribbean cruise holiday is the place for you as the underwater world around the Caribbean islands will fascinate you for sure! In the many riffs; you’ll see corals of all shapes and fishes of all colors. You might just be lucky enough to swim with a turtle or the Caribbean Manatee – this huge sea cow looks clumsy but is indeed a very good swimmer and can do flips or even swim upside down. Watch out!

Caribbean cruise holiday

You can feel the rhythm

The Caribbean has its very own rhythm. You can hear it at every corner on every street. And the amazing part is that it changes from island to island. While you’ll mainly hear Salsa in Cuba, you would be thrilled by the reggae songs in Jamaica– (hey! don’t miss the Bob Marley Museum when in Kingston!). You’ll hear different types, mixes and mashups of songs on each island influenced mostly by Bachata, Calypso, Cumbia and Merengue. Now there’s only one thing left to do: loosen your hips and start dancing!

Caribbean cruise holiday

Be the prince(s) of a private island for a day

All major cruise lines have their own private islands in the Caribbean where they love to bring their passengers. You can enjoy all the exquisite facilities you would get onboard, but instead of lying on the pool deck, you get to also enjoy a beautiful private Caribbean beach. You can either relax or be active and do parasailing, aqua cycling, kayaking or go for a banana ride or on a catamaran- It’s your call! Being the prince(s) of a private island for a day for sure includes lots of fun and sun!

Caribbean cruise holiday

These cruise lines have private Caribbean islands: Disney Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises.

You can get a budget cruise holiday in the Caribbean

Caribbean cruise holiday

Fancy a cruise to the Caribbean? Sailing through the beauty and diversity of the Caribbean islands usually comes at a very good price. You’ll easily find one-week cruises departing from Miami starting from a little more than $50 per person and night. And you get to enjoy so many benefits at this cheap rate: It includes a cabin on the cruise ship with full board and you’ll be able to use the ship’s facilities such as the pools, water park, sun deck and the gym. Additionally, you will be serenaded by first-class entertainment at night with musicals and cabaret shows plus various discos, bars and casinos to have a blast at. Ready to cruise to the Caribbean?

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