No Worries We’re on Pohnpei Island, Micronesia

I just discovered Pohnpei Island Micronesia, the ultimate chill: A deliciously different island in the Micronesia Cluster that has the reputation of the most welcoming place to visit, anywhere on the planet. It is also one of the wettest places on earth with 300 inches – 7.6 meters – falling on the mountains annually. But no worries: The water is warm, and the diving unbelievable.

Pohnpei Island Micronesia: Reef Scene
Reef Scene, Pohnpei: Image David Burdick / CC BY 2.0

Pohnpei Island Micronesia

Reef Scene, Pohnpei

The beaches are pristine with loads of offshore coral in the barrier reef. The lagoons have turtles and other marine fauna feeding off a rich diversity of fish and shellfish. Hiking into the mountains is like being centre stage in Jurassic Park amidst giant ferns. They say the dinosaurs are gone. That sound was probably just a feral pig going walkabout for truffles, or a deer rooting for a tuber.

Pohnpei Jungle
Pohnpei Jungle: Image Stefan Krasowski / CC BY 2.0

Pohnpei Jungle

Pohnpei Island Micronesia has an incredibly self-sustaining ecosystem. The rain forests feed water down the mountainside into the lagoons, and then out to sea through passages in the barrier reef. There, the clouds collect it and return the water to the mountain tops. I hope they never spoil this place. A long time ago, the whole world looked pristine like this. Why can’t we coexist with nature the way the Polynesian people do.

Founding Day, 2005: Image Dana Dee Ling / CC BY 2.0

Founding Day, 2005

There are three ways to get to this delicious island. The coolest way would be to rough it on an ocean-going yacht while you wrote your novel. Occasional cruise ships anchor in the roadstead. If you absolutely have to, they have a landing strip, although this is hardly a way to start pretending you are a castaway on a desert island, with not a single care in the whole, wide world. There are a variety of accommodations to suit.

Pohnpei Island Micronesia: Castaway
Pohnpei Castaway: Image Luigi Guarino / CC BY 2.0

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