How to plan a budget-friendly holiday with your family in Australia

Going to Australia is a big dream for most people – it’s such a unique and exciting country to visit. So, what better time to go than a time when you can take your family with you, and all get the chance to experience it together? The problem is that travelling isn’t cheap, and to take the whole family means the cost gets even higher. Use these tips to plan an affordable family vacation in Australia and ensure you can still do the trip of your dreams on a budget.

affordable family vacation in Australia,Sydney Opera House,sunset
Sydney Opera House at sunset

Tips on Panning an Affordable Family Vacation in Australia

Avoid commercial hotels

affordable family vacation in Australia,Melbourne City skyline,victoria
Melbourne City skyline

Commercial hotels are great, but they often charge a high price without as many amenities as you might want. If you’re staying in the centre of Sydney or Melbourne, for example, then you’ll be paying a lot for just the location. This means you might blow most of your budget on nothing more than a room!

This makes no sense, and it won’t improve your holiday. Instead, you should seek out alternative accommodation. Whether that means going on AirBnB or another space sharing site, or looking for something completely different, is up to you. You can find some bargains, as well as lots of different advantages – like getting to stay in the home of someone who can give you an insider’s tour of the city.

Book in advance

For the attractions that suit the whole family, such as going to the zoo or a theme park, you should think about booking in advance. This is because you might be able to get a cheaper price. You can also get a cheaper price by selecting a family ticket, and going for a special pass that gives you access to more than one attraction during your visit. This will help you to reduce the fees associated with each of the fun activities you might want to try.

Plan your travel

affordable family vacation in Australia,road trip

A good way to travel across Australia is to rent a car and drive around yourself. So long as you’re prepared to drive for long hours, and your children are old enough (or young enough) to sit through it, you can get wherever you want to go for less. You should also plan in advance by booking your parking spaces, as it can be both difficult and expensive to find places to park in major cities. You can find a cheap parking space on a community sharing site to make things a lot easier.

Buy your own food (and snacks)

It’s expensive to eat in restaurants and cafes, so your food bill could build up quite quickly if you aren’t careful. That’s why you should do your shopping in grocery stores, just as if you were at home. Since you’ll be using accommodation which comes with a kitchen, it will be easy to cook every meal for yourself – or almost every meal, since you can have one or two nights out as a family.

You should also make sure to stock up on snacks for the road if you want to have an affordable family vacation in Australia. When you’re out and about with the kids all day, the last thing you want is to have to go and buy something expensive because they get hungry. Pack snacks for the whole day, more than you think you’ll need, and try making a packed lunch every day as well. There are plenty of great picnic spots to choose from, and you can make it a fun part of the trip.

Going to Australia needn’t be as costly as you expect. It’s possible to save a lot of money by budgeting carefully, and by saving money through little tricks like these to have an affordable family vacation in Australia.

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