Plan your desert safari in Rajasthan

Most of the travelers go to Rajasthan to revel in the stark beauty of the desert. Reaching Rajasthan may not require extensive planning, but planning a Rajasthan desert camel safari to include all the popular tourist sites, markets, small tourist villages and fairs does. The desert has the power to turn every mundane incident into magic. Everyone who visits Rajasthan should invest at least a day or two to discover the deserts’ hidden beauty underneath the expansive sand dunes of the Thar desert.

Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer
Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer

Rajasthan Desert Camel Safari

Here are a few way in which you can plan a Rajasthan desert camel safari with minimal time at hand. The best way to go about planning a desert safari is to start from Jaipur. This city is extremely well connected to Delhi, Grugaon, Noida, and other main cities via road, railways as well as flights. You can also make your own way by taxi from Delhi to Jaipur. Let us explore a few of these rewarding Rajasthan desert camel safaris, which most travelers and tourists choose time and again:

Jaipur Bikaner Camel Safari:

Rajasthan Desert Camel Safari: Jaipur Camel Trekking in the Thar Desert
Jaipur Camel Trekking in the Thar Desert: Photo on Flickr by Dave Gill / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This is a fairly easy and relaxed Rajasthan desert camel safari which starts from Jaipur. You can explore the city of Jaipur in one day and then you can easily book an outstation cab to Bikaner from Jaipur itself. You can spend the first night in Bikaner and set out the next day for a sight of the glorious desert on a camel. These camels can also be booked via tourist agencies which provide a fair price for the camels. The safari will take you through the imposing sand dunes and stark barren lands to the Bamblu village. From there you can proceed to the Panpalsar village and travel back to the camel camps before sunset. You can easily travel back to Jaipur the very same day if you wish, or you can spend another day exploring this ancient city of forts, palaces and farms before saying your goodbyes.

Pushkar Desert Safari:

Rajasthan Desert Camel Safari: Jaisalmer Camel Safari
Jaisalmer Camel Safari

if you want to see sand dunes from comfortable distance then the trip from Jaipur to Pushkar should satiate your desires. This is a 145 km stretch of road with a view of villages interrupted by the desert and the sand dunes on both sides. Pushkar is a small town located about 11 km from Ajmer and there are a number of desert camel safaris organized from Pushkar which will take you to Jaisalmer, Nagaur or Mandawa according to the package your pick. Pushkar is possibly the only place in India with a Brahma temple which sees a faithful throng of devotees from villages near and afar. From Pushkar the camels take you on a splendid journey across the Aravalli Range, majestic sand dunes and endless deserts for a life changing experience. you can complete your day with rustic music, traditional meals and a plethora of pictures to remember the trip by.

Most tourists opt for Jaisalmer over the other cities when it comes to desert safaris. However Jaisalmer has been overexploited when it comes to tourism, and most of the safaris and the marketplaces have become extremely overpriced. You should choose Jaisalmer as the starting point of any Rajasthan desert camel safari if and only if you want to visit the desert. Other gradually maturing safaris are far more culturally enriched and offer myriads of experiences for everyone in your travel group.

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