Pittsburgh Beers: Find the City’s Best Pints

It’s winter and there is nothing more satisfying than a pint of Belgian tripel after a long week at work. When you pay a visit to Pittsburgh, you will find that good beers like Belgian tripels are easy to find. All over the city and its surrounding areas, dozens of bars and pubs serve some of Pittsburgh’s award-winning craft brews  so whether you are a transplant looking for a place to relax with your new mates or a tourist just looking to enjoy good beer and good company, look no further than these fine locations. From a church turned brewery to an exclusive distributor of one of Pennsylvania’s best beers, here are best places to sample the finest selection of Pittsburgh beers best pints.

Where to find Pittsburgh Beers Best Pints

Authentic British Pub on South Side

Pittsburgh Beers Best Pints: Cask Ale Menu at Piper's Pub
Cask Ale Menu at Piper’s Pub (Image courtesy of Breaking Brews)

Mention the words beer and south side to any Pittsburgherer and he or she will immediately say Piper’s Pub. This authentic British Pub is a local favorite especially for any “football” enthusiast. It offers an unbeatable Sunday brunch and a fine selection of classic British grub. The beer selection is heavy on stouts, ales, and IPAs but it also has over a dozen Pennsylvania drafts rotating on a regular basis. Finally, it’s one of the few pubs in town that serves cask ale. Cask ale is draught beer at its freshest, extracted after its second fermentation, but prior to pasteurization.

Breweries and Brasseries

If you happen to add a beer tour on your itinerary while visiting Pittsburgh, you will likely visit three local breweries, all of which have been brewing some of Pittsburgh beers best pints for decades. The first one is East End Brewing Company. Their philosophy is serving beer fresh so when you visit, you will see kegs and empty growlers instead of bottles. Their most popular brew is the Big Hop IPA, a medium-built, golden amber infusion that is heavy on hops but remains well-balanced in flavor. East End Brewing Company also prides itself with supporting the local community, sponsoring charitable events all throughout the year.

Pittsburgh Beers Best Pints: Interior of Church Brew Works (Image courtesy of Church Brew Works)
Interior of Church Brew Works (Image courtesy of Church Brew Works)

The second one comes with a unique location: a century old Roman Catholic church. Aptly named Church Brew Works, the brewery is housed at the old St. John the Baptist on Liberty Ave and specializes in ales and stouts. It has a number of rotating taps and a diverse and eclectic food menu ranging from mussels to cheesesteak. The brewery’s most popular concoction is the Thunderhop IPA, bitter in taste, but with a solid body and a hint of caramel sweetness.

The third, and perhaps most popular one, is Penn Brewery. This German-based brewery has its roots from the German immigrants who came and settled themselves in Allegheny County. Crafting award winners since 1986, the brewery’s most popular trio includes Penn Pilsner, Penn Dark, and Penn Weizen. It also offers seasonal favorites like Oktoberfest Bier, Saint Nikolaus Bock, and Nut Role Ale. Their most popular is their flagship Penn Pilsner, a Viennese style lager.

The Odd One Out of the City

Pittsburgh Beers Best Pints: North Brewing Co (Image courtesy of Where and When)
North Brewing Co (Image courtesy of Where and When)

Slippery Rock Brewpub and Café is technically not in Pittsburgh but its proximity to the city, a mere 50 miles north, makes this close enough for a day trip. What makes the pub special is its exclusive offerings of North Country Brewing Company craft beers. It has over a dozen draught selections, varying from authentic kolsch to traditional cask beer. The pub’s most popular brew is Station 33 Firehouse Red, a light-bodied ale that is ruby red in color. Not only will you drink a delicious oddity, but part of the proceeds will also benefit the local fire department. Visitors planning a visit can rent a car in Pittsburgh for the day and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way up.

The New Brewery in Town

Full Pint Brewing Company is a newcomer located in North Versailles. Its refreshingly good Pittsburgh beers and relaxed atmosphere has propelled this novice brewery’s creations to taps all over the state and has now expanded into neighboring Ohio. Full Pint’s first concoction, All In Amber, is a mixture of English and German malts with a hint of American hop. It was such a success that it became the brewery’s signature brew. Another popular brew is the Chinookie IPA, slightly heavier, slightly more bitter IPA with grapefruit and pine aromas.

For additional information about brewery tours, other Pittsburgh beers, and for finding cheap hotels in Pittsburgh, go to Visit Pittsburgh, the city’s official tourism website.

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