Important Tips for Proper Care of Your Passport

When you are a traveller, your passport is one of the most important possessions you own. Without this crucial document you will not be able to fly anywhere or pass through any borders. If you lose or damage your passport while overseas you will have to ask your embassy for an emergency replacement – which can be enormously inconvenient and expensive.

Because your passport security is so important it is crucial to take good care of it. Here are 5 passport safety tips  that you should keep in mind for ensuring your passport is in tip top shape.

Passport Safety Tips

5 Passport Safety Tips

Get a Passport Cover

A cover to protect your passport is certainly a worthwhile investment, as it will protect it from getting bent or ripped while you are carrying it in your bag, and is the first of my passport safety tips. There are many different styles of passport covers, even cute and stylish ones if you want to make a fashion statement with your travel documents.

Keep it Secure

Make sure that your passport is in a safe location at all times. If you are in a hostel, place it in your secure locker rather than leaving it out with your luggage. If you don’t have a locker where you can keep it safe, ask the hostel manager to keep it in the safe behind reception. Passport security is probably the most important among other passport safety tips.

Passport Safety Tips: USA Passport
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Be Careful in the Rain

If you are stuck walking or waiting outside in the rain on your travels and you get soaking wet, the moisture could soak through into your backpack and cause water damage to your passport. Once your passport is damaged it will become invalid, which is not something you want to happen while you are travelling! In order to avoid this, keep your passport in an airtight plastic bag.

Avoid Leaving Your Passport as a Deposit

Sometimes you might need to leave a form of ID as a deposit, such as when you are renting a bicycle or scooter for the day. In these situations you should leave another type of ID instead, such as your driver’s license. If anything happens, replacing your driver’s license will be easier and losing it will not prevent you from flying home.

Don’t Fiddle With It!

If you are like me and you have the nasty habit of fiddling with anything in your hands when you are bored or nervous – don’t carry your passport with you in your hands while you are flying. While you are clutching your passport during take-off you could be bending the cover or loosening the pages. Also, by handling the passport you will get sweat and oils from your hands on the pages which will further weaken and damage it. Keep it in the passport cover at all times and only take it out when handing it over to a border agent.

Keep these passport safety tips in mind and you will be able to ensure that your passport stays in perfect condition so that you can use it to travel for many years!

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