7 Ways to Pass Time on Long Flights

For many of us, travel is our raison d’être. Big trips to beautiful destinations throughout the world are worth every expense. However, that doesn’t mean that some aspects of the traveler’s lifestyle aren’t a little bit annoying. In particular, long flights will always be the bane of anyone who’s interested in seeing the world. It’s only possible to travel across the wide world if you’re capable of withstanding hours upon hours of sitting in airplane seats and wandering through empty airports. Long flights don’t have to end your travel aspirations. With these great ways to pass time on long flights, you’ll feel like you’ve crossed oceans in no time at all.

How to Pass Time on Long Flights

Play Card Games

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book for frequent fliers. Since it ain’t broken, we’re not going to try to fix it. A deck of cards makes for a light and compact carry-on item.  There are card games for any number of players. Even if you’re flying alone, there are lots of games for one player. A card game will keep your mind off of the flight and the variety will stop your pastime from feeling repetitive.

Make Conversation

Pass Time on Long Flights

In this age of Facebook and instant messaging, having a nice conversation with a complete stranger may seem unusual at best. However, chatting with your neighbors is another tried-and-true way to pass time on long flights. Remember to be respectful of those sitting next to you. Don’t talk too loudly and respect others’ wishes to be left alone or pass the time on the flight in their own way.

Texting Friends

If your companions in flight don’t feel like talking, you can always chat with your friends to pass time on long flights. They might not be on the plane with you, but with modern communication technology that allows in-flight texting. They can keep you from getting bored while planted firmly on the ground.

Watch a Movie

Pass Time on Long Flights

Another thing to pass the time that’s made possible by modern technology on flights is in-flight movies. And don’t worry: the days of the flight crew forcing their picks onto the whole plane are over. These days you can pick you own individual movie to watch on your personal screen; without having to put up with whatever your neighbors want to watch. Watching a movie or binging on your favorite TV shows is a great way to make the time disappear during a long flight.

Catch Up on Your Reading

If screens aren’t your thing during long flights or your battery is starting to run out; you can turn to another time-tested way of passing the time: reading a good book. If you don’t have anything on your own reading list to take with you; there are plenty of bookstores in airports to satisfy the needs of frequent fliers.

Take a Nap

Not everyone is able to sleep on the plane, but it’s definitely worth trying. Even better than staving off boredom, sleeping on the plane is a great way to deal with jet lag and to stay healthy for frequent fliers. Make sure to bring a comfy pillow and to ask for a blanket if the cabin feels a bit chilly.

Have a Tasty Snack

It’s amazing how quickly the time can pass while you’re eating something tasty. The trick to using snacking as a tool to pass the time on long flights is not to eat too quickly. Take your time and savor each bite. It might help to bring a variety of snacks so that you have a lot of different flavors to explore. Snacks for kids can be especially helpful if you’re traveling with children and trying to keep them occupied during a long flight.

Long flights don’t have to ruin your travel aspirations. Use these strategies for making the time pass quickly while you’re traveling; and you’ll be able to jump from destination to destination without even noticing the flight time.

About Nick Cesare

Nick is a writer and violist. After finding a penpal from Latvia he was struck with passion for the country and decided to study abroad there in 2010. You can reach Nick with questions or comments @cesare_nick.

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