Packing Tips for a Romantic Beach Vacation

The beach is such a wonderful place to get away! There is something about the warm sand on your feet, the misty breeze hitting your skin, and the soothing sounds of the ocean that just take you away from all of your stress. Not only is it stress free and super fun, but the beach is a great setup for some next level romance! Whether you are island hopping, cruising, or just hanging out on the beach, you and your partner can find love amongst each other very easily. That is, if you come prepared. There is nothing worse than not having your ducks in a row while trying to be romantic. The good news is, we have the best packing tips for a romantic beach vacation that will ensure you’re prepared. Without further adieu, let’s get started.

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How to Pack for Your Romantic Beach Vacation

Go Shopping

I cannot think of a better reason to go shopping than for a planned romantic beach getaway. Forget about that old bathing suit and those shorts and tank tops, it’s time to update your wardrobe and get with the latest beach trends.

There are three particular scenarios you should consider when you go shopping. These scenarios include what you will be wearing at the beach, in a restaurant or in public, and when you are alone and relaxing with your significant other. Find a fashionable one piece bathing suit, or unique two piece to boost your confidence on the beach. Next, add an extravagant sundress to the list that can double as a cover up and appropriate attire in restaurants. As the night draws near, you are going to want to surprise your love with something unbelievably sexy. After all, this is a romantic beach vacation.

Plan a picnic

When planning a romantic beach getaway, it would be foolish to miss a picnic opportunity! In order to have a successful, romantic picnic, it’s important to plan and pack in advance. This can be done by putting together a list of all of the food you would want to bring with you. A blanket and a sun umbrella would go perfectly to keep the sand off your food and the sun out of your eyes. If you don’t have an umbrella, consider a dinner picnic to enjoy as the sun sets. It might even lead to a romantic nap on the beach as the waves crash against the shore.

Waterproof bags

While sand and waves bring an undoubtedly fun time, they can also create a mess. That is why you should look into packing yourself a waterproof bag! It will be a lifesaver when you can zip up your necessities and not have to worry about nature’s harsh side. This prevents any uncomfortable sand situations as well as potential water damage to phones or cash.


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Sunscreen should certainly fall under the necessity’s category, but also deserves its own explanation. Getting a sunburn on your romantic getaway will definitely put a damper on the mood. While getting all rubbed up in the stuff might not sounds exhilarating, its best to avoid the spray sunscreens. A couple daily applications of the lotion sunscreen will ensure that you don’t get burnt, plus it gives your skin a soft, glowing lure.

Other Necessities

It is important to have a mental and physical checklist of the most important and often forgettable things to bring on your romantic beach vacation. Remember, the goal is to be completely stress free! Here is a good start: water, beach towels, sunglasses, hats, cell phones in case of emergency, Aloe Vera, sunscreen, sandals, water shoes and smiles. These are the absolute necessities for a successful beach day, though there are many other things you’ll likely need for the trip.

After the beach

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We tend to forget about how we feel after the beach. A major tip would be to bring baby powder for the sand and hair detangler spritz for your hair. Baby powder helps get rid of the moisture between the sand and your legs, so it will fall right off of you! As for the detangler spritz, it will detangle your hair and have you ready for the next activity.

All of these ideas and options are going to align your romantic beach vacation to be absolutely perfect. After all of the hard work you both put in, this is a much-needed beach getaway. Remember to let your hair down and have a good time!

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