Safety Tips for Travelling by Night Train

Imagine yourself rocketing across the dark countryside on a sleeper train, curled up in your comfortable bunk and being lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the train car and the clickety-clack of the rails. When the train pulls into the station at your destination in the morning, you will awaken feeling refreshed and ready to explore. Night train is one of the best ways to travel for a number of reasons. First of all, it allows you save the cost of a night of accommodation because you will sleep in transit. Also, it means that one of your precious travel days won’t be used up just sitting on a train waiting to get somewhere. It can also be a pretty safe and fun experience. There’s something a bit magical about going to sleep in one city and waking up in another. Of course, if you are taking a night train there are a few things that you should be aware of. Here are some overnight train travel tips to keep in mind.

Overnight Train Travel Tips

Keep Your Valuables Close

One of the most important overnight train travel tips to keep in mind is to always keep your valuables close. You can keep your clothes and toiletries in your large backpack, but put all of your valuables such as wallet, passports and electronics in a small backpack or purse and keep them close to you. When you fall asleep on the train you can keep this small bag of valuables in the bed with you and wrap your arm around it when you sleep. This is a great way to prevent these important things from getting stolen while you are sleeping.

Charging Your Devices

There are often power sockets available for charging your device while you are on the train, which is great when you are awake and can keep an eye on it. However, when you are asleep you don’t want to leave your phone or tablet out in the open at the public charging point. Keep it in bed with you close to your body. There are external chargers that you can use to charge up your device anywhere so that you can still keep it with you.

Overnight Train Travel Tips: Overnight sleeping train compartment in India.
Overnight sleeping train compartment in India. Photo via Global Goose

Trust Your Instincts About Who You Sit Near

It is important to pay attention to your instincts when it comes to who you are sitting near on the train. If you get onto the train and you feel uncomfortable with one of the other passengers, you can always request to change your carriage. It is a good idea to sit in a carriage with several other people – most robberies are opportunistic and you will be more vulnerable to attack if you are alone in the carriage with just one other person.

Be Careful with Alcohol and Sleeping Pills

Some people like to drink heavily or use a sleeping pill to help them fall asleep on trains, but there is a danger here. Not only might you become so zonked out that you miss your stop, you might also be more likely to be robbed because you are not aware of your surroundings. A couple of drinks is fine, but make sure you stay alert!

Have you experienced travelling by night train? Do you have other overnight train travel tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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