Overland Adventure Gear: 7 Must-Have Items

Overland adventures are about the journey, too, not just the destination. However, for you to enjoy every moment of your adventure, you need the right gear. The right gear here is relative; it may include anything from dirt bikes to access remote areas, to tents that ensure sleeping under the stars is pure bliss. Wondering what to bring with you on your next adventure trip? Below are 7 items of must-have overland adventure gear.

Cup of coffee on a tree stump; overland adventure gear

A coffee press

Nothing beats a steaming of cup coffee to start your day. However, many think this is a luxury they have to give up when they are exploring the outdoors. This does not have to be the case. With a good portable coffee press, you can still enjoy your coffee. There are options with a press and stove combo, meaning you can have a fresh cup of coffee anytime, without a power source. Most of these coffee presses are meant for camping as they are light and compact.

A micro flashlight

A flashlight ranks high in the list of camping essentials, right next to food, water and shelter. If you are going to spend a night outdoors, you will need a robust flashlight you can use when darkness sets in.

A micro flashlight is among the most innovative camping gear on the market. The flashlight comes with enough light to illuminate up to 50 feet with a bright white light. Some micro flashlights come with flexible legs you can twist on different objects or clips you can attach on a key chain. Zippers and other attachment tools come in handy when you have your hands full.

Light air compressor

If you are anticipating some off-road adventure, a quality compressor is a must. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. Besides inflating your flat tire, there is a lot you can do with an air compressor. For example, you can use it to inflate your air mattress. Just imagine the energy and time you will save with a quality compressor that can inflate your air mattress in a few minutes.

There are compressors that are lightweight, compact, and generally made to take the beating that comes with an overland adventure. Despite their size, these camping air compressors’ performance is high and they are affordably priced.

Swiss army knife with tools out

A quality multi-tool

Think of a knife sharpener, fire starter and safety whistle, all in one. This is what most multi-tools have to offer, and so much more. If you think about all the situations when you need a tool outdoors, this will most likely solve your problem. Use the tool to open your bottle, cut pieces of wood and even cut wires. The tool also works great as pliers and as a screwdriver.

Just like most overland adventure gear, the average multi-tool is light and compact. It is also designed to last and withstand the vagaries of weather. Just check what different sites have to offer and go for the option with the most positive reviews.

Solar recharger

There is no reason why you cannot enjoy your devices when you are off the grid. A solar charger will ensure that you do not run out of power during your trip. As long as you choose a good quality recharger, you will get enough power to keep your devices going once it’s fully charged.

Most camping chargers come with a weatherproof design. USB chargers take a few hours to charge fully but then they can charge smartphones up to 6 times.

Portable wood-burning camp stove

Cooking is a vital part of any adventure. You need a stove to warm your food and make sumptuous meals from supplies you may collect along the way.

A portable wood-burning camp stove stands out for many reasons. For one, it is compact, and you can fit in your luggage. It is considerably light. The stove converts energy from the fire into electricity so you can also use the stove to charge your phones and led lights.

There are camp stoves that come with a removable battery and an LED dashboard to see the battery status. The stoves are also designed to be energy efficient and durable, so one is going to last you for a very long time.

Cabin-like tent; overland adventure gear
Photo by Arjun Kapoor on Unsplash

Cabin-like tent

This list of must-have overland adventure gear cannot be complete without mentioning a cabin-like tent. Unlike the traditional varieties, this kind of tent comes fitted with poles so setting it up is easy. The shape also makes it quite roomy not to mention the fact that it comes in a size to fit an entire family. A cabin-like tent also comes with a room divider and zipper doors and windows for privacy and enhanced ventilation. Other notable features include hanging pockets for storage and a removable rain fly. A few manufacturers offer the cabin-like tent and you have to do your homework to ensure you get a quality piece that will stand the test of time.

Finally, to carry all these items, you need to have a good quality roof rack on your vehicle. Be it Toyota Hilux roof racks or universal roof racks, with markets flooded with good options, you can easily find one according to your preferences.

Mountain view in Georgia from a tent, with man's feet outside the tent, and flowers growing outside
Mountain view in Georgia: Photo by Dominik Jirovský on Unsplash


The overland adventure gear discussed above will solve most if not all of the issues that may arise on an overland adventure tour. They are all quite affordable, and when you consider the quality, they are surely worth every penny. The fact they are also versatile makes them particularly handy when you want to travel light. Invest in these gear items so you have less to worry about and loads of time to enjoy the great outdoors.

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